Mogilev journalist Ales Osiptsov arrested for three days

March 24 Leninsky district court sentenced the journalist Ales Mogilev Asiptsova three days in jail. Aryshtavananaga wife Elena reported that police detained her husband at the entrance to the park 40th anniversary of the Victory. There was expected to meet journalists and human rights activists on the eve of the celebration of Freedom Day on March 25.

Leninsky district police on duty said, "Freedom", which by order of the Office of Management Interior Asiptsova taken to court. There is considered an administrative action. Asiptsova punished by three days of arrest for alleged disorderly conduct.

Serve his sentence Ales Osiptsov be in the temporary detention of Mogilev.

Ales Osiptsov — freelance journalist working with a number notState media.


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