Monday, June 20

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, world history

Rain, lightning …

… Up to 20 degrees Celsius

There, where we do not

In Vienna — Ministerial Conference of the IAEA in matters of nuclear safety

Strasbourg — the beginning of the summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

There is a reason


World Day of elephants in zoos


Also this day


1566 — born Sigismund III (died 1632), a large Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, the King of Sweden.

1841 — Ignatius was born Pavlovsky, a Roman figure katalitsyki

1948 — opened a branch in Vyazynka Kupala Literary Museum

1963 — Peter died Sych, a writer, a member of Belarus service of Radio "Liberation" ("Freedom"), the author of the text, which transmit radio raspchalisya 20 May 1954

Minus 365

Miller: "Non-payment of Belarus can get the critical nature"

Quote to remember

"Belarus, like any other power, has the right and will do sooner or later, this right to be smooth and free Power among its neighbors."

Yanka Kupala. 1919

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