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2012 — the year in which the Mayan calendar is over. He was expected and feared.

And he almost came. But will the promised end of the world? This philosophical and scientific question is answered by representatives of five religions and three scientists atheist.


Aiur Lama, abbot Ivolginsky datsan, Ulan-Ude

"Our region is Buddhist, and all the people philosophical about death. About the end of the world can, and they say, but do not believe. Chatter is all. I would say that everyone has a choice. We do not impose their doctrine. And say: take the best of all religions. they are all good, all teach something good. And you do have to choose what to believe and what — no.

Sooner or later our world come to an end, but when it happens, is not known. To him will clouding people and their ignorance, which cause environmental degradation. At the end of a person will be guilty. We have, in a Buddhist, a lot more years will pass before the world ends. But now say the world will end in 2012. People are starting to panic, what and how to do next, start a doubt. We are not sure about the future. People are looking for an answer, and therefore Mayan prophecies on such subconscious effect on their minds. People do not believe in their future and even the present life. We must be prepared for the end. We are all in a state of impermanence, all living beings around us originally impermanence.

I watched a lot of movies about the end of the world. In the cinema with my friends went. It's like a fantasy, but it shows people that there may come a time. But in general, it's all fiction. With our and my personal ideas about the end of the world is not similar. If such a disaster to happen, which is shown in the movies, of course, must be fought. Not only for their lives, but also of all the living. But if this is not feasible and all living things will die, there will be formed a new earth, and a fresh start. And all the dead here will start again on the new Earth, and is reborn on it. "


Alexander Zhigalin, a leading researcher at the Institute of Environmental Geoscience:

"Holocaust-related manifestations of Elements (write it with a large" C "!), Can not be prevented. We can only guess where, when, and with what force Element will test us to the test. Verse we can counter a well thought-out network of geophysical observations for obtaining data about the impending disaster, organization, rapid response to sudden changed situation and maximize the use of available resources in order to reduce the degree of catastrophism event.

In the history of the Earth has been catastrophic volcanic eruptions, accompanied by explosions, sushi dipping under the water surface, as well as earthquakes with maximum magnitude of M = 9. But life goes on.

Dangerous from the seismic point of view at present because of the large temporary increase in seismic activity can be considered as the so-called Pacific Rim — the coast of north-eastern Russia, Kamchatka, Japan, Southeast Asia and on to Australia and New Zealand — it's on our side. On the other hand, the U.S., the ring closes the strip throughout the coastal area of both sides of the American continent. Possible strong earthquake in the Mediterranean and Central America as well as in the Indian Ocean. This is explained by the fact that on these lines are the boundaries of lithospheric plates that are constantly shifting relative to each other, which triggers an earthquake.

As for catastrophic manifestations of volcanic activity, the last few years have shown the places where the events to be expected. Unrest in Iceland, working volcanoes of Kamchatka … Active volcanoes are usually activated together with seismic activity. Therefore, these two processes should be considered cumulatively. Global catastrophe associated with the processes in the core and the crust is very small.

Volcanic and seismic processes are dangerous local or regional level, but not over the world, and certainly not on a global level. "


Vladimir Surdin, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher at the State Astronomical Institute. PK Sternberg:

"Falls to the ground and will drop various celestial bodies. Most of them are meteoroids and asteroids — space rocks.

Damage they cause depends on the size of the body. Small stones — meteoroids — the size in centimeters, and even a few meters destroyed in the atmosphere (burn up as meteors), and usually do not cause any damage. Larger — tens of meters — the destruction in the atmosphere cause an explosion (as in 1908 in Siberia) and the exact hit in heavily populated areas can lead to the victim (but in people's minds, this has not been). This happens once every 200-300 years, and so far have been in contact with solitude — the ocean, forests, deserts … Serious danger is falling short of asteroid the size of the order of 1 km. As most have hit the oceans, the main danger from them — a tsunami. But it happens about once every million years. A global catastrophe will fall in a 10-kilometer asteroid. Hurt the entire biosphere of the Earth. But this is quite a rare event: about once every 100 million years. Astronomers are constantly monitoring the movement of hundreds of thousands of asteroids in the solar system. Nearest event, which will cause some tension, it flying near Earth asteroid Apophis (99942 Apophis) of about 300 m in April 2029. This passage certainly does not lead to a collision, but it will be so close (the asteroid will rush about where operating in geostationary orbit communications satellites), that the attraction of the Earth's orbit will change slightly the asteroid and the next approximation in April 2036 is likely to hit the Earth. This is a very small chance, but still closely watching the astronomers to refine the Apophis forecast.


Isaac Cohen, rabbi of the synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya Moscow:

"Judaism does not know the end of the world. In Judaism there is a concept of disclosure of the world much more than we see today. Divine light, which some religious people feel. As for a specific date, the teacher said: who says the date, he does not know, and who knows, he is silent. But in any case it is not end of the world, it is a revelation of the Creator, and his recognition of the open. Not only for those who believe, but for those who have still some doubt so far. we have the concept of the war of Gog and Magog (two people, the invasion of which will shake the world just before the second coming of the Messiah.) But this war mankind has survived — the second world war. I say this as a person and as a rabbi. I explained the teacher. already was the fact that it was written when the living envied the dead. This is an omen of a new world. As the Warsaw Pact, which was a stronghold of rebellion, but broke up without any resistance — is also a unique thing. My grandfather in 1950 was tortured for baking matzah, and his grandson received the Order of Honor for his spiritual development. Disclosure of the new world is coming.

Death is only the end of life process: the person in this world comes and goes out of it. You just need to go through it. Way of life has a beginning and has an end — this is the order of the universe, and it is not started today.

I faced death more than once or twice. When I killed my friend and I had to fight with twelve bandits. In 1999, when our synagogue was discovered bomb, on which we all would have died. And in 2006, when Koptsev tried to kill ten members. And when I meet death face to face, that there was no fear. "


Deacon Andrei Kuraev, "Do not confuse the term" apocalypse "and" end of the world. "Apocalypse — is the name of the last book of the New Testament, which tells about the second coming of the Savior. Besides, this is word for revelation. Here — St. John the Evangelist . to confuse the concept of apocalypse the end of life on earth is completely wrong. Likewise Armageddon — a geographical point, where will the last battle between good and evil. Some people think that the battle is over. But it is, of course, yet to be. Big and dubious claim to consider themselves the last good and evil, the main opponents of the universe. Doomsday does not necessarily lead to the fact that living things cease to physical existence. In the Christian tradition, there are two versions of what happened to live at the second coming. Some people think that they are transformed. second option: they will have to go through physical death, to immediately rise again. "Not all of us will die, but be changed" — these words of the Apostle Paul. Personally for me, as a religious man, not afraid of death, but the option afterlife . That is what awaits after death. Doomsday will come when the transmission of "Dom-2" will show on the TV channel "Culture." And he is getting closer. "


Asadullin Farid, deputy chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the European part of Russia:

"A lot of things that surround us, looks precarious. Has by far the conflict between fathers and children. Growing aggression and intolerance. Something to think about. But this is hardly the end of the world.'s Life. Quran says, the world did not happen against the will God. Yet to live in any case, you as if it were the last day of your life. should have time to do more actions. One of the most fundamental principles of the Koran is: Hasten to do good deeds even in the earthly dimension of your being. So even before the hour of judgment will come. Live expectation doomsday counterproductive. This prevents the focus person and live a normal, everyday activities, to build some plans. Perhaps the movie "2012," which last year was to hire, promote the hype around the end light. I looked and this film, and others. I them very negative attitude, as they chase the person under a certain stereotype that leaves no hope for the manifestation of his will in some extreme situations. This is bad, because the desire to live and to continue his race — it is a fundamental principle of any religious system. And Islam including ".


Sergey Semenov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Director, Institute of Global Climate and Ecology of Roshydromet and Sciences, Moscow:

"Burning with me? Freeze it? Oh, not really. Earth's climate is never constant. His change and people. Changing the composition of the air and the ability to change the earth's surface to reflect solar radiation. All this leads to climate change in the surface layer, where we we live in the first place — to change the thermal regime. Average global temperatures have risen compared to pre-industrial value of about 0.7 degrees Celsius. At current growth trends of human impact on the global climate (mainly due to emissions of greenhouse gases in the course of business ) to the end of the XXI century, the increase can be 2-4 degrees. And many of the effects of global climate change, including those mentioned above, have already been observed. Among the consequences of climate change, there are good and bad for humans. It is difficult to make an integrated assessment. example, it is known that an increase in global temperature to 2 degrees compared with the level at the end of the twentieth century the world agricultural production will increase. But this total. And in the tropics is an increase of more than 1 degree will experience a decrease. If we are anything like in one region, the population may well move to another.'s all. "


Catholic Priest Igor Kovalevsky, General Secretary of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Russia, "If you had told me that the end is near, and I have a few days left, I never would have believed it, for the simple reason that we will never know when it will come. Who would I say no, because the Scripture says to the contrary, we never know when it will happen, we are called to be awake. And when the day comes, we understand, because the Apostle Paul writes in the First Letter to the Thessalonians: "The dead are raised, and the living too will go to meet the Lord. "Scripture gives a definite answer to the question — we do not know," For you yourselves know exactly what day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night … "(1 Thessalonians 5:2). It come unexpectedly, tells us the Apostle Paul. When the Scriptures speak of such events, the use, of course, apocalyptic symbolism, however, we must remember that for Christian believers it is not end of the world as a global cosmic catastrophe. First of all, the transformation of the world in Christ Jesus. Therefore, for Christian believers apocalypse — is a message of hope, and not a reason for despair. This is what we are profoundly different from the pagans. Judgment for us — the time and place of the meeting with Christ, and not the time to despair. Stitches Scripture that dead arise from their graves, do not speak about something terrible. This is an element of faith, Catholics and Orthodox awaiting resurrection of the dead. Last Judgment precedes the resurrection of the dead, then is finally defeated by evil. So Judgment for the believer — the meeting with Lord, it is very important. Apocalypse — is a message of great hope, which prepares to change the world through Jesus Christ. This specificity of the Christian faith and of so-called apologicheskim times in which occurs the second coming of our Savior.

For us, this is not just any string of disasters, wars and natural disasters. For us, the story — a story of God's plan of salvation. God wants to save the man. And it all depends on how people will accept the gift of salvation that God offers him. So Christians positively interpret the world and its history, even in spite of all the evil that they see. Man is called to fight evil and to resist the temptation. The meaning of the Christian doctrine — the great hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. But when it happens and how? This is evidenced by our Saviour in the Gospel: "Watch." In the Roman Catholic Church last Sunday began Advent — the time of preparation for Christmas. And read the Gospel, which provides an answer to this question: "Watch ye, for ye know not when the Son of man." Christians call for vigilance — to live in a state of grace, mindful of God, that you are the image and likeness of man, you are a man, and also called for eternity. "

Maxim Martemyanov

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