Monstrous flood destroys Romania

According, most went to the district of Sibiu (Sibiu) in Romania. There gendarmes in a hurry to evacuate people. Indeed, meteorologists were not warned of the impending disaster.

Within 24 hours the sky splashed on Romania about 240 liters of water per square meter. The region Balea Lac has the highest rainfall since 1978.

Ten-stream of dirty water, which was carrying tree trunks and stones, with incredible strength to find their way forward, sweeping away everything in its path. Authorities organized the construction of gravel barriers to block the road to the ponds.

As a result, based on their recent posts, more than 50 houses and farms were flooded, and seven bridges were destroyed by the water element in the county Vaslui (Vaslui).

Traffic on some highways closed. Bad weather has destroyed much of the crop.

We should also recall that at the end of June 2010, severe flooding in Romania killed more than 20 people.

On materials

At one of the Romanian websites published photos that are not better convey the scale of the floods in June 2011 in Romania. We offer to your attention:

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