Morning of March 25 in Vitebsk — white-red-white flags

Several national flags in the center of the city on the occasion of the Day of Freedom hung activists of "Young Belarus" and the informal movement "Free Way", which brings together representatives of various youth organizations.

White-red-white flags appeared on the flagpoles near the Ice Palace, Vitebsk State University, as well as on the roofs of "high-rise" in the area of the intersection of the street and avenue Chernyakhovskogo Builders.

The flag hung at the Ice Palace for long: it was taken of local staff. With the flagpole near the University of the national symbol of the policemen shot, but it managed to see the passers-by who were walking in the morning on Victory Avenue.

Flags fluttered over residential houses all morning.

The flag on the roof of a house down the street Chernyakhovskogo

Flag on Victory Avenue, near the VSU

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