NATO intervention in Syria: Possible Scenarios

NATO intervention in Syria: Possible Scenarios

The failure of the Anglo-Saxons with the anti-Syrian resolution at the UN some time delayed NATO intervention.

Possible scenarios:

1. Pucker Syria into a regional conflict, first with Israel.
— Air strike on Syrian military bases May 3, 2013, to deprive Syria effective ability to counter NATO’s anger.
— Statement by Israel’s readiness to apply and further air strikes against Syria and conflict escalation to full-scale war in the case of local resistance in Syria.
After the war began, NATO can intervene in it on the side of Israel is without any UN resolutions.

2. Most military (weapon, equipment, mercenaries) and financial support to terrorist groups that destroy Syria and decimate civilian population.
Reasons: The appropriate joint statement British Prime Minister and the President of the United States.
Calculation — resource depletion Syrian country.

3. Pucker Syria into war with Turkey. Next — Fri scenario 1.
Reasons: a terrorist attack in the border town of Turkish Reyhanlı in which available agents in Turkey Anglo-Saxon impact immediately accused official Damascus.


The geographical position of Syria (its distance from the Eurasian terrain leading players — the Russian Federation, Iran, Pakistan, India, China) and hot climate make it only comfortable base for a full-scale military confrontation with NATO. At the same time, the war in Syria — is the destabilization of the Mediterranean basin that will inevitably knock on the West itself.

Most military, financial and political assistance to Syria. NATO’s intervention in this country gives a unique chance to inflict serious block military and political defeat and delay his advance to the East.

An effective defense of Syria — interception of bombing attacks of the enemy and breach setetsentrichekoy operation base invasion through the ECM. Important areas — a violation of network-centric interaction between air-ground, air-sea and land-sea invasion grouping components. The enemy will try to damage the missile defense system as Syria attacks from the air, so the actions of subversive groups.

Serious loss of military aggressor should be applied already in the first hours after the attack. The main objectives — Air Force and Navy opponent. Loss in aircraft and ships will profoundly affect how land landing troops, and its combat and logistical support in the upcoming.

It should be noted intensification of terrorist groups and other day during the invasion and concerted actions with NATO contingent. Terrorist groups will work together with NATO special forces. Because the Syrian army along with traditional forms of combat operations — defense and coming — and will continue to use the strategy extensively counterterrorism operations.

Should be based on the probability of a simultaneous invasion of the aggressor and the sea, and land (and immediately from the territory of Israel and Turkey). The enemy, taking advantage of its technological advantages, will try to defeat the basic core of the Syrian armed forces in the open field. The main focus for all that will be on air component coming, that in contact with the ground forces of NATO Syrian army entered a very weakened.

With all of this a major role in subsequent decisions management NATO will play a move air operations to destroy military and civilian infrastructure in Syria.

Bid on technology and an advantage, first, on the precision instrument is an important part of NATO’s military strategy. Effective missile defense and electronic warfare will drive this advantage. At the same time, rovnenky terrain provides ample capacity and implementation OTP MRL for effective fire on the group’s invasion, first, its armored forces.

Enemy will avoid protracted urban warfare, fraught with serious losses in manpower and equipment. For its part, the Syrian army should really use the strategy of urban combat the grinding forces.

The basis of the defensive strategy of Syria should be conducting a protracted war of attrition of human and material resources of NATO. With all of this scope and ferocity of hostilities must be much higher than in Iraq or Afghanistan.

In the United States has long been discontent with the opposite will sing ally — Turkey, having its own geopolitical interests and independent outlook. Retraction of Turkey into the war with Syria gives the U.S. a real chance to harness the Turkish military and economic potential in the interests of the Anglo-Saxon world and harm Turkey itself. Depletion potential U.S. stimulate separatist movement in Turkish Kurdistan to start disintegration processes in Turkey, its elimination as a sovereign country and fragmentation into several psevdogosudarstvennyh formations. To accelerate these processes involve the United States will try to Turkey in a war with Iran.

Israeli incursion into Syria and NATO completely eliminates Iran’s neutrality in the conflict and puts it in front of necessity a preemptive strike on Israel. After the imminent defeat of NATO forces, Israel will lose its relevance for the United States and is left alone with the Arab world and Iran, which means the termination of its existence as a country. Taking into account the orientation of the anti-Iranian anger against Syria, Iran is high possibility of including in the fight against the forces of the NATO intervention already in the first hours after the attack.

Should take into account the current serious financial instability of the West, which makes it very vulnerable to a protracted war.

Based on open sources, NATO do not even have an indication of the extent and consequences of the impending war. And, in this trap they drove themselves. An important consequence of the war in Syria would be the loss of all NATO unit geopolitical positions captured eventually anger against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Syria, with the support of Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, all have a chance to defeat the brutal Western military bloc. According to its historical significance and consequences of the victory of Syria in the coming war with the West will be the factor determining the course of today’s century.
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