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Telluric radiation — perhaps there is an unknown type of radiation coming out of the ground and causing a number of diseases among the inhabitants of the place of radiation. In 1930, Paul released G.fon interesting fact related to the fact that they all observed cancer patients slept in places where the dowsing rods sharply declined.

Then, and speculation about the radiation from the earth of some pathogenic rays, which was called telluric (tellus — Latin for earth). Over the past few years since efforts E.Hartmanna, M.Kurri and other researchers identified the network, the nodes of which are the most harmful rays form geopathic zone.

It would be interesting to determine the length of these rays (although there is speculation that they … are endless.) Of course, it is possible to train astronauts dowsing techniques and during injection into orbit or down with her to spend the necessary measurements. But in these times of astronauts suffer severe physical and psychological stress, which are difficult to reconcile with the meditative state required for reliable measurements of dowsing. Therefore easier to use on the model. In this case, the model can serve as an ordinary school globe or map. After taking into account the scale model length of arms by some estimates amounts to a few hundred kilometers above the earth.

If a being, seeing through the eyes of telluric radiation, views from space to Earth, it would see a translucent membrane that covers the entire planet, and consists of many thin strands, like the web. Dowsing, practice shows that in case of any destructive processes within the Earth (abrasion underground rivers, the formation of microcracks in the centers of high-voltage rock) regular networks telluric radiation violated. Size geopathic zones increases dramatically, they often merge into one another, the energy of the radiation is much higher than average. In these places there is not only the destruction of the underlying rocks, but inhibited livelihoods of many plants and animals.

The man is not only having severe disease, but his mind is disturbed, leading to frequent accidents and disasters. The probability of this is also increased due to accelerated destruction of any materials not operate any mechanisms and assemblies. The very being, examining the Earth from space, where increased intensity of the telluric radiation would see spots of density, with violations of the regular structure. Recall that the representations Yogi man than the visible physical body has an aura, consisting of several invisible bodies: etheric, astral, mental, etc. The etheric body is the most dense of invisible bodies and engaged in direct control of all the elements of the physical body. People who see the aura is the body is represented as a nebulous shell serving at 5-10 cm from the physical body.

More rarified astral body is engaged in the feelings and emotions of the person controlling the etheric body, and is observed as a colored sparkling having a cobweb structure, spindle-shaped cloud with a radius of 0.5 meters or more. Theosophy believes the Earth a living being a certain level of development, with the general principles for all living and functioning. If so, what is the etheric body of the planet? It seems logical assumption that the shell of the telluric radiation is analogous to the etheric body of man.

And as the etheric body of man is a component of his aura and body described telluric Earth radiation is a component of the terrestrial bio-field, which also includes more rarefied astral, mental and other bodies. The question is why telluric arachnoid membrane has a structure, and the etheric body of man is as amorphous formation. Perhaps the man's etheric body is also arachnoid structure, but seeing the aura people do not distinguish due to the much higher density than the etheric body to the astral.

An example is the ordinary gauze bandage. While he was on a roll, the structure of the material is not observed, but is unwound the bandage and examine it to the light, it becomes visible to the network structure. What comes first, breach of the physical body or breach of bio? On the one hand the deterioration of physical health is definitely secondary to the emergence of vampiric touch when first damaged human biofield, and only then starts declining health. On the other hand if there is a specific injury bio field education in trauma, previously absent. So both possible. What are the components of the human biofield directly affect their health? First, it is the etheric body that controls every organ, every cell of the physical body. Pathological phenomena of the physical body are manifested as abnormalities of the etheric body, and vice versa. Second, the astral body, which is the source of energy for the etheric body and its ruler.

Low energy of the astral body and its management defects violate the etheric body, leading to the corresponding pathological changes of the physical body of a systemic nature. Third, it lyarvy, the cause of which is the mental activity of the person. Lyarvy negative (based on envy, fear, irritation, etc.) through the etheric body lead to disturbances in the physical body, but also can have a direct impact on the astral body of man, eventually deforming his psyche. Fourthly, the channels of energy exchange with other creatures.

In a positive sense, it is the love and care of one being relative to the other in a negative — it's vampiric connection depleting the astral body, which in turn through the etheric body leads to the oppression of the physical body. In addition to these there are other ways to influence the people. Since imperfections of the mental body and the bodies of a higher level as a result affects the physical body. If some cosmic super-being will diagnose the Earth, just as do the psychics when examining a human patient, in some parts of the planet, it will feel the intense bio spot with violations of the regular structure.

These spots are anomalies in the etheric body of the planet due to the fact that we have identified with geopathogenic anomalies of large scale, in turn related to the destructive processes in the physical body of the Earth, one might say — with areas of pathology. The planet is sick because of the natural processes of a new underground streams, voids, faults and fractures in the earth's crust, and also because of the people — a huge reservoirs, tunnels and artificial islands, intensive mining and other activities that lead to the same consequences.

In some places, the aura of the Earth can be found some education, weakly associated with the body of the planet. Latin for such formations are called egregors — astral being formed as a result of mental activity of people with the same feelings, for example, the love of Jesus Christ to Christians, the love of Russia for Russians. But in areas of territorial, religious, ethnic and other social conflicts masses owned by other people — evil feelings. Energy evil egregor originally formed mental secretions people in conflict, but once formed, egregore attracts evil energy of the world. People in the area egregor conflict have its effect. Their mind is warped towards the maintenance and development of the conflict. Therefore, social conflicts are overcome primarily mental activities of people not involved in the conflict and eager termination. These people form their own egregore and if he overcomes egregore conflict, the conflict on the physical plane is exhausted.

Here we can see an analogy: people under evil egregor represent cells of the human brain under lyarvy. Indeed, as on the human head lyarva subjugates his psyche and simultaneously manifests on the physical plane, disrupting the blood vessels of the head and egregore evil causes mental disorders of the masses of people, and in the physical changes the physical condition of the earth in areas of conflict. Many researchers have found that, other things being equal, earthquakes, weather changes and other anomalies, often leading to catastrophic consequences, tend to conflict areas. It is sometimes said that the nature of revenge deliberately evil men, but I think we can do without suspicion Earth malice. All quite understandable and natural relationships subtle grubomaterialnyh substances.

Vampire connecting people — a widespread phenomenon. This is not necessarily the very energy-channels, which lead to the depletion of bioenergy people or to control the behavior of one person by another. Any permanent link between people, based on a sharp feeling in the astral space allows a permanent channel. Such is the connection between lovers, between a mother and young child. There is no pathology, because the energy is given voluntarily and pulses. Negative development (that is to be considered a vampire) only occurs at a constant transfer of energy from one person to another. By the way, vampires are often being no physical body, such as the discarded astral shell of the dead and some of the above egregores.

If the Earth is a full member of the space community and live life to the full (and why not), it seems, has its own communication channels of the astral body with similar bodies of other space objects: the Sun, Moon, and other planets, with nearby stars, including Sirius, and with the approaching asteroids and comets. It is these relationships are the conductor of the very actions that are being studied by astrologers and cosmobiology and affect every living thing on Earth, appearing from the influence of the phases of the moon based on the yield to disasters, epidemics and wars from passing comets.

By the way, the bombing of the summer of 1994 fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Jupiter caused changes of all the bodies of the Earth. So it is possible to understand the physical and bio-energy parameters of the Earth, recorded a number of researchers in Russia and abroad. According to the International Institute of Space anthropology at this time, an increase in the frequency of emergency calls, the number of cases of myocardial infarction. Marked reaction cell biological cultures, there were changes in the magnetic field of the Earth.

It may well be that this cosmic catastrophe triggered a cholera epidemic in Dagestan, the war in Chechnya, the earthquake in Japan … But not only the visible space objects can be energy-relationship with our planet. Egregors alien civilizations, whose representatives have ever visited Earth and laid the appropriate magnets certainly have such a connection. And through this link aliens can control the development of life on Earth from a soft unobtrusive assistance, as a mother cares for the child, to the strict control of a vampire manipulates his victim to their own selfish purposes. Moreover, there may well be due to the Earth egregors extinct civilizations on the physical plane, ie dumped their astral shells. And in this case, the effect due decidedly, striving to degradation of involution.

Some researchers in deciphering of the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, English, put forward the hypothesis that the main purpose of these structures — to leave people the knowledge about the world. Perhaps it is appropriate, and another appointment — "binding" on the surface of the Earth peculiar antennas belonging to the very direct channels of energy exchange with alien civilizations. You can call these objects anchors Energy channels, and you can call them a magnet for good higher cosmic radiation hierarchies. These magnets can be visible and may not be visible, as the very Shambhala, which is so much talked about, but only a few fortunate enough to visit and see it.

It is logical to assume also that the Earth is like an anchor and for evil, parasitic energy-channels lower or dead space creatures. May be the anchor is installed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the Bermuda Triangle? We use the principle of analogy.

According to the psychics, the channel dropped connection vampiric astral shell of a deceased person to the temple of the living human body leads to the astral plane to leak energy, and the physical — to migraines. And in the Bermuda Triangle flows of energy exchange of high intensity can be manifested on the physical plane in trouble with the device, in violation of human behavior, leading eventually to the unexplained disaster. How can you not envy that hypothetical psychic space, which may at a glance all the aura of the Earth. And maybe it is not necessary to wait the coming of a psychic, but to start such research is conducted in the framework of space research? Known data on the use of dowsing on a plane to search for minerals.

True regular dowsing indicators — pendulum and frame work only if the acceleration, and therefore, they are powerless in space in zero gravity. So we need different indicators. If we could solve this problem (and the conditions for it), it would open up the possibility of quite ambitious bioenergy methods in studies of the cosmos, and not only in terms of applications, but also in the disclosure of the most intimate secrets of our planet.

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