Nekljaev freedom from slavery

Nyaklyayeu, who is under house arrest, has written a new poem and dedicated it to two Volyam — wife Olga and freedom. Member of Neklyaeva musician Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich wrote the words of the song, according to the website of Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Early in the spring cry icicles
Brooks called the early spring.
You do quietly for the soul
Pradvesnyavuyu sing the song.

Let the soul vskalyshatstsa to the bottom
And there will call, where the saint,
Where on the edge of a young spring
The first snowdrops scatter.

Beauty-spring creeks in the ring (we will not leave you never)
Spring beauty — the sister of our will,
Spring beauty in white and red clothes (in the first happy love)
Handsome spring — magic fairy love.

From spring will not go away
And for the wind whips the flags,
We'll go with you to night
Light the lights in the square.

Will we stand and remember
Those who do not now with us,
Those whom we meet
With the white-red-white flags.

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