New attempts to make contact with the UFO

Millions of people around the world — from England to Australia, and from the U.S. to Russia, believe that the aliens are already trying to establish limited contact with humans. There is a very disturbing UFO sightings that can not be explained or even refute spetsialisty.15 August 1950 in Great Falls, Montana, the manager of the local baseball team, Nicholas Mariana and his secretary observed in broad daylight in the skies above the park two brightly glowing object. They moved in parallel.

However, in contrast to many other witnesses such events, Mariana carried a film camera, and managed to shoot everything I saw on film. Into a short film lasting just over 15 seconds, depicting the flight of two celestial objects, probably metal.

In 1957, during a training flight at an altitude of 10,000 feet along the border between the states of Mississippi and Alabama, the U.S. Air Force crew RD-47 reported that, through the screen of the radar signal travels from the bottom up. Then the captain and co-pilot noticed a bright light directed at them, which was confirmed by a message on the radio from the ground. Twenty minutes later, the pilot saw a bright light again, only this time it was about two thousand meters below their aircraft. Then mark on the radar screen suddenly split. After a few seconds the newly merged at one point. This incident was confirmed later, and the third set — air defense radar station in Duncanville, Texas.

Case registered in June 1959 over Boyanai in Papua — New Guinea, did not need a radar confirmation. Thirty-eight people in two days was observed in the performance of aerial view of several UFOs and their occupants! Among the witnesses was an Anglican priest, William Gill, who even wrote down all the events and their impressions. The first occurred the night of 26 June, when the father of Jill noticed in the sky a bright white light coming towards him. Soon it was possible to consider that it was a disc shape like a saucer. He was accompanied by several smaller objects. Bright light emanating from the "base ship", lit night clouds.

The next evening, amazed Jill and other witnesses observed the new events. "We were standing in the open, and watched — he wrote. — Although the sun had set, the last quarter of an hour it was still fairly light. At the top of the disc were four figures. These were undoubtedly gumanoidy.V the same time, we have seen more two UFOs — one over the hills to the west, the other of us. They were motionless. two figures doing something in the center. They then bent over, then raised his hands as if to establish, or regulate something. One figure just stood there, looking at the us ".

Could I come up with such an Anglican priest? If so, why? And could be mistaken about forty people watching the same strange event? Colonel Coyne described the case, which occurred October 18, 1973 with a cargo helicopter of the U.S. Army, whose commander he was.
A helicopter with four crew members on board took off from Columbus to Cleveland (Ohio) at 22:30 local time in good visibility. During the flight, was seen as telling Coyne, the aircraft with the red side lights, which is closer to the helicopter at high speed. The crew immediately radioed the approach control in Mansfield and asked whether in the area any faster aircraft.

After acknowledgment further response was forthcoming, although the equipment radio, apparently, continued to function. Meanwhile, the machine up close and took the position of the helicopter continued its flight. At length it numbered 50-60 feet and was made of gray metal. In the fore part of the unit, who had a symmetrical shape, always burned bright red fire. From the bottom of a green beam, which then changed the angle to 90 and immediately lit up the helicopter. Coyne noted that the magnetic needle on the dashboard of a helicopter is no longer kept a clear line, and slowly rotating.

Attempts to establish a connection to the land, using the emergency frequency, or to have failed. Helicopter above which still has this object, started a spontaneous rise at a rate of 1,000 feet per minute, despite the fact that the efforts of the crew were sent, however, to reduce the speed of 2000 feet per minute. At an altitude of 3,500 feet the object yourself craving changed helicopter engine, then slowly moved away from the helicopter to the west, removing the green light, and the helicopter began to decline.

Before flying object for a moment appeared to be strictly on a helicopter, and at this point the crew saw a bright white light. Taking. course to the west, the object is then changed it to the north-west and by significantly increasing the speed, soon disappeared. At this point, re-establish contact with the ground. The vision of the object, said at the end of the story Coyne, was not equipped with any appreciable wings, landing gear, and vertical and horizontal tail surfaces. Nevertheless, he has demonstrated the ability to modify and maintain altitude, course and speed.

How could it be that a high-army helicopter pilot sent his car cool down, and it suddenly started to climb at a rate of 300 meters per minute? Soon after the UFO stopped "seeing" the helicopter and disappeared into the night sky, Coyne was horrified to find that his car was not reduced, and comes with a set height. "We had to go down, — he said — but we were going up!" Some odd way of extraterrestrial vehicles drew up a helicopter.

Given the training and experience of the Army of the crew, it led to a storm of controversy. But none of the four aviators did not change his testimony. One of the most impressive "meetings" took place at night December 31, 1978 over the southern island of New Zealand. Tracing routes several aircraft, the crews of which had recently reported that they have observed strange bright objects, Australian TV crew filmed one of the mysterious lights.

The facility, which was registered as an independent and radar, filmed on 16mm color film, which was clearly visible, as it pierces the night sky at a rate of more than 3,000 miles per hour. This film caused a sensation. He was taken to the U.S., where dozens of experts exposed every inch of film scrutinized for authenticity. All the experts unanimously rejected the possibility of fraud, but also to explain the phenomenon filmed Earthling could not.

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