Newest UAV MQ-4C Triton made its first flight

Newest UAV MQ-4C Triton made its first flight
Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle MQ-4C Triton May 22, 2013 made the first flight, reports NavyTimes.
The device created for the U.S. Navy, to take off from an airfield in Palmdale, California and stayed in the air for 90 minutes. Over the next few months will make UAV test flights in Palmdale, and then transferred it to the base of the U.S. Navy Patuxent River in Maryland.

Troton drone is designed based on a strategic UAV RQ-4 Global Hawk. It is equipped with systems intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance, capable of detecting different types of ships, transmit video in the highest resolution, and exchange data with different military units. The Navy MQ-4C to complement the ability of coastal patrol aircraft P-8 Poseidon.

MQ-4C has a length of 14.5 meters, a height of 4.7 meters and a wingspan of 39.9 meters. The device is capable of speeds up to 575 km per hour, making flying at an altitude of 18.3 thousand meters in the air up to 30 hours. According to the U.S. Navy, without refueling Triton can proparhat to 21.3 thousand kilometers (11.5 thousand nautical miles).

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