News Tyumen — actual tape of events!

News Tyumen - actual tape of events!

Urban current events TV showcase News Tyumen, where residents will learn about the problems of the administrative order, utilities, economic, cultural, and more. Television local scale tells viewers about what's happening in the city and its regions.

Modern audiences crave bright and rich information on global upheavals and sensations, extreme scenes, crime news and events from military sites. The world is full of all sorts of television information mathematicians for every taste. Diversity of channels provide today popular satellite companies.

What's on in the city?
• Lose schoolboy 9 years was found and taken home by the traffic police. Place the child teacher in the bus to the house, but it was wrong number.
• Staff Drug discovered and shut down six online stores selling banned smoking blends under the guise of "bath salts"
• Outdoor Waterworks burned two foreign cars. Fire was supposedly short circuit in the wiring of one of the cars, then moved on to the fire near the vehicle is stationary. Incident under investigation
• The elderly woman had been abducted in the amount of gold ornaments 27.4 thousand
• Employees of traffic police helped the sick child who urgently needed medical attention. Staff escorted the car to the hospital. Operational policing saved children's lives.

Feed the latest news report any information of interest to the modern viewer or reader. Of the most popular programs are also all kinds of sports news: Competitions and matches, races and tournaments.
• Recently, the city started the competition in the Russian Judo Championship.
• The championship of the Ural Federal District and the primacy of the Tyumen region on winter tourism. In ski trip participated 215 athletes from different cities of Russia
• The city planned to championship sports aerobics. At previous events, our team won the third place of honor among the 260 people
• Biathletes local region included in the Russian national team at the World Cup, 8 phase of which will be held in Finland
• In Tyumen, the IV phase of the Cup of Russia rally.
Make your own choices and information, see News Tyumen on your favorite topics!

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