Nicaraguans were evacuated due to the eruption of a volcano

In the Republic of Nicaragua, moved into the phase of the active volcano of San Cristobal. This has forced local authorities to declare a local evacuation, reports Agence France-Press.

Information received from the publication on September 9. From their homes should leave about three thousand people who live in the settlements located on the slopes of the volcano. It is likely that the evacuation zone will become more widespread. This is related to the Ministry of Civil Defence.

September 8 San Cristobal volcano threw a column of smoke into the air with volcanic ash. Height of the eruption reached the mark of five thousand meters. The scientists say that in a short time the activity of the volcano may increase.

In Nicaragua, the San Cristobal volcano is considered one of the most active. Under the scrutiny of experts, he is on September 5, when in Costa Rica, there was a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.6. Even then, scientists have said that the tremors may "wake up" the volcano in Nicaragua, after heaving soils recorded here.

San Cristobal is located 135 kilometers from the city of Managua — capital of Nicaragua. It is the largest airport in the country. Until now, the ash from the volcano does not become a threat to air traffic.

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