Night vision of doom

Recently, friends, returning from a trip to the Golden Ring, brought me a wonderful book that has become my most precious gift. Its very name inadvertently suggestive: "dish DRC, kako dangerous to walk." After reading I got the impression that this is one of the most relevant books to date.

Author of the book — the confessor of St. Bogolyubsky convent (which under Vladimir) Archimandrite Peter (Kutcher). It is impossible not to agree with him in a clear assessment of the processes occurring in the world today, all explained in clear, comprehensive and simple. The first section of the book there wonderful visions revealed by his father Peter in different moments of his life. Attracted my attention description vision of the Holy Sepulcher, quote it word for word from the book.

"It was the spring of 1969, on the night Radonitsa, April 22. The night before, I got tired of the travel, dinner and went to bed. Sometime after midnight wake up: had a heart attack, it is hard to breathe — jumped out of bed and walked through the bedroom into the room, opened the window. I stand up, be baptized, swallowing air and suddenly I see the sky through the window a strange object. I looked: high above the earth hangs in the air, something like a street light, "goose", but large. Opening the door, I went out to the balcony. It was a cold April night, the wind blew from the west to the low clouds, drizzle light rain, and I was immediately getting through a cold, the body was covered with "goose bumps." Not paying attention to it, I was fascinated watching the east. There's a two hundred meters away from me, and as much of the land in the air was filled with silver sparkling like stars … a coffin!

I thought: "well, everything will soon be over, that's why my heart hurts." However, the vision was terrible and frightening, on the contrary, it is striking to behold. Grace came from the tomb — the divine energy, and some inexplicable joy filled heart. I knew I was honored to see a miracle. The entire surface of the coffin shining bright silver light, her shimmering and sparkling twinkle little star. The coffin was burning from the inside, but the fire was not yellow, and silver metallic color, it was a conglomeration of stars. I stood there and could not take my eyes off this miracle, but his eyes were tired, and we had to close them for a few seconds, then re-opened and watched. From the cold I was shivering, but I could not go for clothes, did not seek and glasses for fear of losing vision. This went on for minutes 10-12.

Seven or eight times I closed my eyes bolevshie the bright glare. When was the last time they were discovered — the vision was over, the coffin had disappeared, but the wind continued to drive the low clouds in the night sky. As then explained to me the spiritual elders, it was a vision of the Holy Sepulchre, a sign of the end times approach, for the Holy Sepulchre — a symbol of resurrection, appeared in the east, where the Lord will come to judge the world in my second coming when all the dead will rise and humanity will appear on Judgment Day .

The very vision was on the night of Radonitsa — the first day after the commemoration of the dead Easter Sunday. The phenomenon was at midnight — after midnight, as will be the coming of the Savior on the legend: "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh at midnight …" Of course, one could argue that the Holy Sepulchre, called Edicule — the burial place of the Savior — in Jerusalem in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ . This small cave lined with granite and marble. But it was a vision of the Holy Sepulchre in its theological, mystical significance: a call to repentance and a reminder that all of us will be meeting with God. Therefore, such signs can not conceal, hide, as they serve to glorify the name of God, for our instruction and edification "(" DRC dish, kako dangerous walk. "Archimandrite Peter, Vladimir, 2006).

Can not help but surprise indifference readers of this book to such a terrible vision, but the first edition was released a year ago, the five thousandth edition! Those who have read the book Father Peter — people mostly believers churched, but none of them in the press or on the Orthodox-patriotic conference did not mention the events described therein, without drawing attention of the public. The vision of the Holy Sepulchre — this is certainly an apocalyptic sign that alarming, warns us of the impending end of time, and this is confirmed by the vision of St. John the Baptist, calling people to repentance, which is described in the same book.

Here are reflections on what made me read. It often happens that an event or a sign relating to one person, includes all: a whole nation or humanity. You may recall how amazing revelations about the beginning of World War II were given to different people — if they put together, one would have a book. Some of them have passed from mouth to mouth, the other after so many years have long been forgotten, but something you can upgrade the memory. In early June 1941, two weeks before the war, during the night in the bell tower of St. Isaac's Cathedral in Leningrad began ringing the bell. Police and security officers were alerted: who dared to call and in the night, because the church is closed, services are prohibited, we need to understand and take action.

When on duty police unit ran up the steep steps of the bell tower, the bells still hummed languages swinging and ringers was in sight. Soldiers in confusion looked around, and when looked down, then swooned with horror — the entire area in front of the cathedral was completely covered with red coffin. So the Lord has predicted punishment-city cradle of the Revolution — tens of thousands of deaths in the besieged Leningrad.

Two weeks before the start of the war in Daugavpils many people returning home from work through the cemetery, which is located three hundred meters from the railway station, witnessed a terrible sight: on the town cemetery at a height of about three meters from the ground danced in the air, hand in hand, three white figures dressed in black gloves, black stockings and the same shoes. It was a dance of death. On the eve of the war one Valaam elder had a vision: the Lord implored the Blessed Virgin, the angels and the whole host of saints to spare Russia, and only three times the Lord answered prayer, that through His Blessed Mother, and though he would punish the Russian people, but then to have mercy on him … God sometimes uses even some supernatural signs to enlighten the people, lead to repentance, through which you can avoid future troubles. Open the pages of Russian chronicles — the Tatar-Mongol yoke, the Time of Troubles and the war with Poland, the invasion of the French … How God sent signs in nature: eclipses, comets, droughts, crop failures, which gave testimony as pious ascetics, and simple mortals on the eve of the great disasters , well, in the years and decades to come, predicting about the future. And the worse was the punishment of the Lord, the early, almost a century, he warned about it, giving the opportunity to correct the error and make a plea for clemency. One of the great saying that the upcoming event is left in front of the shadow.

Is not the above and it is a vision of the Holy Sepulchre is a shadow, ominously warned us about the possibility of a speedy fulfillment of prophecies of the Apocalypse and the Second Coming of Christ? Do not we too bezpechny and carefree, despite all the turmoil of life's everyday life? If you look at our being from the outside, involuntarily the question arises: Do not distract us specifically in various ways — through whom work from dawn to dusk, through whom the entertainment from morning to night — from the most important thing: the idea that the end of everything is just around the corner! And the end of the "prince of this world" brings a frantic pace, increasing the passage of time and making noise around the veil. How to distract a baby rattles, that he did not notice when he will do, say, painful injection, and us, especially the Russian people, distracted by every possible means that we do not feel that we lose not only the earthly homeland — Russia, but his eternal salvation.

In the vision of the Holy Sepulchre has detailed that it was revealed on the night of Radonitsa when the wind blew from the west to the cold low clouds. They progenerators those clouds of evil that is now moving from the West to Russia, the impenetrable darkness covered it and took countless number of lives lost to drugs, drunkenness, debauchery, cruelty and violence. Once in Moscow, my attention was drawn to the charms of a billboard overseas resort, which sported the inscription: "We have to live a bright", and under it a resourceful Christian signed: "To hell was hot!" It is encouraging that at least someone else capable of a sober assessment of the events.

But let us return once more to the vision. 400 years before the birth of Christ in Ancient Israel lived one of the twelve minor prophets — Zechariah Serpovidets who predicted many of the points from the last year of life of Christ, his divine suffering and crucifixion. The prophet saw in the sky a fiery crescent, colors of stars, which later Lord shook rebellious people of Israel and scattered it on the world, like weeds in the wind, for the fact that they rejected the true God — the Savior of the world, they did not repent and repent. What we are not afraid of such terrible visions as the Holy Sepulchre? "Dish DRC, kako dangerous walk" — and warns us now Lord. His Judgment is not far off, and only depends on us, the Lord will give us a reprieve or a Russian peasant be baptized only after a clap of thunder. But would not it be too late? ..

Sergey Andreev, Yaroslavl

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