Nikita Lihavid. Portrait against a lattice


Who tried for size: the accused in a criminal case on the riots 19:12:10 eyed friends, colleagues and relatives.

With Nikita Lihavidam I and my colleagues in the movement "For Freedom" met when he was after the last presidential election was in motion. There was still a minor …

But despite his very young age, Nikita was very intelligent, educated and always had his eyes and the position that could reasonably be defended. There was always a very ideological and principled young man, would never have agreed to do something against their beliefs and conscience. Go to the cause for which undertook, treated with great responsibility. This never fails.

Have friends always respected it is such an important feature, as independence.

Today, many young people in this age, as Nikita, dependent on their parents and do not even think about his future, but he's not one of those.

2009. In steers with Gregory Baradulin.

You can definitely say that Nikita — a person who will always help and listen to the person who will respect the choice of his friends to help them. And just this line is missing today's youth, who brought up the parents of Soviet education, which has done a lot to a person does not feel like an independent person and respectful to others.

That's why, going every day further from the Soviet past are independent, good people, like Nikita is so essential to our society, the older generation who still does not understand the importance of sincere, open, truly good and independent personalities.

Photo from the Interior Ministry

And the Square on the day of elections on December 19, as he wrote in the letter, Nikita went on to defend his ideals and the future of the country.

Repeatedly during the arrest, he offered to write a letter to the president, promised to release, but he is very firmly refused, no excuses not to write was … We all sincerely believe that Nikita is not of those people, that would make the act for which you can go to jail.

Now we, I and our mutual friends are very worried about the fate of Nikita. We hope for the best and believe that the future of Nikita, which now depends on the judges, will be launched at the way in which the future is a true patriot of Belarus, the son of the free, sincere friend.

We hope that out of the courtroom we come together for freedom.

Itruba Bohan, a member of the movement "For Freedom"

29.03.2011. 3 and a half years' imprisonment in a maximum security prison. Minsk courts. Judge Natalia Pykina.

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