Nuances re

Nuances re

Support for the troops with modern weapons is dependent on the technical equipment of the DIC
Alexander Lentsov

Ground forces — one of the 3 types of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, created for fighting mostly on land — in continental theaters of operation. How is the process of rearmament in accordance with the municipal defense order (SDO) and the State applets Armaments (GPV)? Above this reflects Acting Commander of the Ground Forces.

One of the values ​​of the construction and development of the Land Forces aims to build capacity of formations and units will be equipped with modern standards of weapons and military equipment (AME). According to LG the 2011-2020 fraction of modern weapons in their amount to more than 70 percent. Implementing this will allow applets to make weapons system befitting modern requirements.

We’ll make it there in time?

Retooling the Land Forces is designed to execute in two steps. On the first (2011-2015) the main focus will be on the purchase of modern weapons systems and military equipment for the first compounds missile troops and artillery, reconnaissance units, electronic warfare (EW) and communication, control systems and unmanned tactical level. But it plans to SAP. Is there a guarantee that will fulfill the assigned tasks on time?

Aspects of the re-

At the current time there is a systematic re-embracing modern standards of the Land Forces of weapons within the framework of the SAP. Conducted in parallel range of research and development work on the creation of promising models of weapons and military equipment.

In the period up to 2015 planned purchase of modern samples, modernization of existing, that will allow to obtain the figure of the Land Forces equipment more than 30 percent on the main IWT determining the form of Army Weapons.

If we talk about intelligence units, then for them to be bought unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligence systems, control and communication «Sagittarius», special armored cars «Tiger-M.»

For army air defense units — anti-aircraft missile system S-300V4, «Buk-MH», «Tor-M2».

For missile formations — tactical missile complexes «Iskander-M». Artillery combined arms — multiple launch rocket systems «Tornado-G», self-propelled howitzers «MSTA-S» with automatic control system guided guns, self-propelled anti-tank missile complexes «Chrysanthemum-C.»

Units for communication — modern means of communication tactical control: command and staff vehicles, satellite stations, relay stations. The procurement of modern management tools with delivery to the troops in accordance with the established values.

In combined arms and tank units comes Armored — modernized tanks T-72B3, and BTR-82A.

It is clear that to achieve this goal the enterprise sector have to go through a complete retooling, to strengthen its production capacity and staffing. Immediately rebuild the creation and increase output — task is difficult, but implemented. Dilemma, as in today’s complex criteria companies military-industrial complex (MIC) to re-own production base and coupled with the fact increment output, each managing businesses decide. Although the government is currently doing everything possible for this. Is almost wholly advancing more important projects, contracts appeared complete current cycle revives military acceptance …

But, unfortunately, the existing technological equipment of the individual companies of the defense-industrial complex does not fully and promptly implement requirements Russian Federation Ministry of Defense requirements for modern and promising specimen of IWT. For this means verbovanie personal capital in the form of municipal personal partnership (PPP).

In order to reduce the backlog in this area along with the State implemented the Federal applets weapons development programm motivated military-industrial complex, aimed at modernizing production.

Takes work and to simplify the procedure of creation of new industries, including means for the implementation of PPPs. Implementing a system for managing the total current cycle — from modeling and design to serial production, to ensure their operation and future utilization. Systems are being designed to improve economic management organizations CMO in order to optimize production processes and the use of advanced technologies, including zabugornyh.

The introduction of the practice of concluding contracts for the entire up-cycle serially supplied weapons and military equipment. This will allow time to reduce procurement procedures by the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, and by organizations of the military-industrial complex — improve planning, provide training premature production, make the system software and operating service products.

Carrying out activities identified should have a positive impact on the main tasks of software solutions re Land Forces and promising modern standards and weapons complexes in the period up to 2020. This work would be impossible without the respective coordination of ordering the Ministry of Defense, federal executive bodies and organizations of the defense-industrial complex.

It is clear that there are companies that are favorites, but there is an underachiever. But hardly need to justify the fact that the backlog of companies in modernizing effect on carrying out defense contracts in general.

I repeat: our industry is able to realize the job of municipal defense order. Each company is famous for its own products on the Russian market and abroad. But the competition out specifically those businesses that are able to fulfill their fundamental tasks. Analysis of the circumstances of default contracts indicates that they are, generally, personal character and are not directly related to production and technological readiness of companies. Neuvvyazkami common realization of the municipal defense order in most cases:

scarcity of scientific and technological potential and production capacity of fixed assets;
weak security personnel, raw materials and components;
inadequate pricing;
low efficiency of test facilities.


Military developments are world-class

Top priorities for re Ground Forces now:

design and development of new models and systems of weapons and military equipment in order to implement new technical solutions based on the latest achievements of science and technology;
Complete equipment units and formations of new standards IWT;
automatic creation of a unified system of intelligence and information support of Land Forces at all levels of management;
versatility and modularity of weapons and military equipment;
introduction and widespread use of mechanized systems and complexes, including complexes with unmanned aerial vehicles;
creation of combat equipment with elements of mental systems, allowing the ability to embody very different military specialties.


It may be that the formation of the forthcoming proposals Municipal weapons program from the subsequent programming period given directions undergo a configuration based on different reasons. But while they remain right up to 2020.

Certainly, the market economy makes excessive demands on the technical equipment of enterprises of the defense complex. What a shame it did not sound, there are among them those that do not receive municipal defense order from the Armed Forces. In fact, they are not experiencing the best times. Moreover, at present there is a real struggle to obtain government orders. But does this mean that the products of companies that have not received the SDO is not necessary for the country? And what is to be done for those companies that voluntarily or involuntarily were behind the ongoing processes of modernization of the Armed Forces?

I repeat: it is necessary to fight for getting the SDO. To do this, and well-conducted contests. In addition, job placement municipal defense contracts regulated by the current legislation and carried out in the framework of State applets weapons in accordance with the standard-time attendance requirement.

So, maybe the solution for enterprises prepyadstviya losers is their output redirection on dual-use modern and competitive.

In the area of ​​the second step re (2016-2020), they naturally have.

Namely, in 2016 planned a mass purchase serial number of fundamentally new types of weapons for the Army. This promising tank «Armata» armored vehicle «Boomerang» infantry fighting vehicle «Kurganets-25» and the family of protected vehicles «Typhoon». In the course of the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition «Russian Expo Arms. Nizhny Tagil 2013 » was a private showing of prototypes. Currently, work on the creation of these samples are in the main in accordance with the planned timetable.

Certain standards are promising qualitatively different from being in the current time in service with the Ground Forces samples of armored cars and military equipment. In developing these paid great attention to the level of protection of personnel from the damaging causes of everyday tools, unification on the main components and units, creating modular design, coupled with the open architecture «of the electric board.» This will allow to create different standards of weapons and military equipment on a database of families, opens virtually unlimited ability to upgrade them.

At the moment, the Russian army is about 600 launchers multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), which until 2020 one hundred percent change to the new MLRS «Tornado». What can we say about this car and has established itself as a brand new multiple rocket launcher «Tornado-G» on tests?

122-mm multiple rocket launcher «Tornado-G» aaplet municipal tests performed in full and recommended to the adoption of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation.

Delivery of the system in the military units of the Land Forces held in volumes and terms in accordance with approved plans. But until 2015, it is planned not only to purchase modern weapons standards, and to upgrade existing ones. And it will fundamentally change the balance completely modernized and the latest technology. In what way?

Bulk buying fundamentally new types of weapons will be carried out in 2016. Coupled with that in the past the current time modernizing and entering the army standards AME of inferior modern requirements. Here is an example of modernization of the T-72B3, which have modern radio, brand new fire control system, a digital ballistic computer, allowing a couple of times to reduce the calculations made, multi-gunner’s sight with thermal channel, and introduced new ammunition ammunition oversized power with a respective refinement autoloader.

Because state that we in the development of new weapons lag behind the West, not quite true. We have military developments and global level.

There are those in which we hold a leading position, for example machinery Army Air Defense. She is one of the best in the world. And armed with missile and artillery of the Ground Forces are firepower superior zabugornye analogs such as missile complex «Iskander-M».

All this says that the time lag and the stagnation of our army from behind. Ahead — development and establishment of the Armed Forces of the new type.

Alexander Lenz,
lieutenant general


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