Number of flood victims in China exceeded fifty

Since the beginning of June in the southern and central regions of China, which hit torrential rains have killed 54 people, 32 are unaccounted for. These data are reported, the Headquarters for Flood Control and Drought.

To rescue attracted more than 3 thousand people. Total element disrupted normal life 4.8 million people. The number of evacuated tens of thousands.

Ministry of Civil Affairs has allocated 35 million yuan (5.4 million dollars) to help victims of the 12 provinces. Thus, the most affected southern province of Guizhou, where 21 people were killed, schools are closed, do not work, some companies and organizations.

In the coming days, meteorologists promise torrential rains in the eastern parts of the country, reports UKRINFORM.

Unprecedented power precipitation fell on those territories, which from the beginning of the year suffered from severe drought in half a century. All this minimized the waiting harvest as grain and other crops. Economists predict a further rise in food prices.

Olga Tanasiichuk, BEIJING. June 9, 2011.

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