Off the coast of Indonesias 5.8 magnitude earthquake

In Indonesia, an earthquake of magnitude 5.8.In Indonesia, an earthquake of magnitude 5.8.

According to RBC, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, the tremors were recorded at 181 km from the town of Sibolga, in the province of North Sumatra (island of Sumatra). The earthquake was located at a depth of 18.9 km. Information on casualties or damage were reported, a tsunami warning is also not yet announced.

Recall, two days ago in the south of the island of Java in Indoneii earthquake with magnitude of 6.7. After some time, seismologists upgraded to 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Information on casualties were reported. However, the Indonesian seismology office has warned that what happened the earthquake caused a tsunami threat.

The epicenter was located 300 kilometers south of Java in the Indian Ocean, its center lies at a depth of 10 km under the ocean floor.

Indonesia is located in a seismically active area and earthquakes are occurring regularly. October 25, 2010 on the island of Sumatra earthquake with magnitude of 7.7. It caused a tsunami. In addition, the element has provoked Murapi eruption on the island of Java. , Killing over 500 people.

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