Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has created monsters

Every access to the sea for fishing the Gulf of Mexico — a new challenge. What mutant this time will bring the network?

"Look, the oil under the shell. Here — a tumor in the head. This is not normal. No eyes" — demonstrates his fishing trophy owner selling seafood Dean Branchard. Nothing like the explosion of the oil platform Deepwater Horizon neither fishermen nor the scientists have not seen before.

"The eye has to be here — suggests the professor, a microbiologist at the University of Louisiana Andrew Chistoserdov. — Apparently, this is the result of mutation. Could oil cause mutations Yes."

Eyeless shrimp, fish with severe injuries, crab with unprecedented spots are no longer curiosities. Mutants and sick residents Gulf fishermen catch hundreds of pounds.

"We take the night. And sometimes, if you, for example, caught 400 pounds of shrimp, 100, or even 200 pounds can be no eyes — recognizes the fishing boat captain Mike Roberts. — They are from a horror movie." — What did you think when you first saw the shrimp with no eyes? "I wanted to fly to Britain to kill these people. They messed up our lives" — sigh owner selling seafood Dean Branchard.

Scientists fear even imagine what other surprises will present them crash two years ago. They are convinced of the fact, to completely clean up the Gulf of Mexico, will take at least 10 years. In BP (British Petroleum) is completely different point of view. Guilty of the accident oil company spends millions of dollars on commercials.

Their goal — to show that the bay empty and the seafood is safe. Footage of environmentalists and local residents evidence to the contrary.

"I found this piece of oil on the beach. We put it in the water and want to give it to scientists. Report to the government, we do not believe. They pay BP", — says in seafood Dean Branchard.

The terrible explosion on the platform in April 2010 killed 11 oil workers. Explosion ripped hole concreted only after 152 days. During this time in the Gulf of spilled nearly 5 million barrels of oil.

"The fish from contaminated areas is much less. We put it in clean water, but it is still developing slowly. Oil injured population at the stage of the embryo," — says a biology professor at the University of Louisiana Fernando Galvez.

So far, two fishing the Bay Area are closed to shipping. That is happening there, local residents are not informed. Marine life mutants, however, are not only in the laboratory but also in restaurants. The degree of exposure is not yet understood.

"The reality is that a large amount of oil still in the Gulf," — notes with regret that Professor Fernando Galvez.

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