On the beach of New Zealand unidentified creature washed up


New Zealanders have found on the beach unknown monster, thrown by the sea. In an attempt to identify the people being put forward incredible theory.

Last week, the eyes of New Zealanders, strolling along the beach, appeared a strange picture: sticking out of the sand part of the huge carcass. Coming closer, people looked at the huge creature skull and jaw, studded with sharp fangs. Further examination of the dead deep sea dweller showed that someone or something
pulled out from the body of the monster a significant part of his entrails.

Conduct a more thorough investigation of the monster curious onlookers prevented the sand, which covered the remains of the dense layer. As the beach Pukehina (Pukehina), located south-east of Auckland, is quite popular segment of the coast, it is no surprise that the news of the mysterious monster lightning spread among the townspeople.

Most visitors to the beach trying to capture on camera amazing beast. Was no exception and Elizabeth Ann, posting your video on YouTube to hear the theory of the origin of this creature.

According to Elizabeth, a 30-foot (10 meters) mutilated carcass of a sea monster has a huge head, teeth and fins rudimentary. She also noted that the interior of the monster, probably affected by the attack.

"Please help to define what it is," — at the request of the author of the video to the users YouTube. Roller and photographs have appeared in the media, has created a guessing game: local residents and interested viewers have begun to offer a variety of theories.

Some have suggested that the toothy monster — the killer whale or dolphin, the other tempting to conclude that the remains resemble either a crocodile, or a giant moray eels, and some even stated — in pictures prehistoric dinosaur.

Experts also not paid attention to a strange discovery. However, their opinions differed from the point of view of fans dinozarov.

"The structure of the fin animal suggests that it is a killer whale. Mammalian family of dolphins can often be seen in the waters of the Bay of Plenty (Bay of Plenty)", — commented on what he saw expert Anton van Helden (Anton van Helden).

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