On the other side of the Moon and the Sun

November 14 — a total solar eclipse at 02:08 in Moscow, according to the 21 degrees of the sign of Taurus and Scorpio.
November 28 — penumbral lunar eclipse at 18:33 in Moscow, through six degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius.

Solar eclipses are known to occur at new moon, eclipse and the night lights — the full moon. But, in contrast to the new and full moon, eclipses do not happen every month, and at least once every six months. Because for that must be met is another cosmic condition at new and full moon eclipse occurs in the immediate vicinity of the ascending or descending lunar node.


Lunar nodes — not the heavenly bodies is conditional points of the lunar orbit, where it intersects the ecliptic (visible from Earth through the annual Sun in the sky). However, their role is truly crucial. Thus, the position of nodes in a person's horoscope says about what karma accumulated by his soul and how it should move him to fulfill his destiny and, therefore, happiness. That is, the nodes — help of God, "how and where" we live.

This applies both to each individual as well as society. Depending on the order in which the sign of the zodiac at the time of the eclipse was light (sun or moon) and one of the sites, you can see what areas of life are "test of strength" and if necessary, adjust the path. That is why it has an eclipse is of great importance: in these crisis events we get a chance to influence their future life.

Solar eclipses are helping people to understand their role, their place in society, to understand whether the objectives that it seeks (career, financial success, etc.), it must be like? Of course, this is not to deny the prosperity under the motto "think it is necessary for the soul!" Often, however, we are committed to the goals, which are imposed by society: career woman does not bring joy, deep down, dreaming about the role of homemakers, and marriage is not filled with joy lady-Amazon. And career, and economics — are equally fine, just realize that you need personally. And it's easier to understand how every day, close to the solar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse to reflect on his private life and relationships: if you see errors and mistakes, gaps — it's time to fix them!

I think by now you understand how important it is to prepare for the eclipse to analyze the path, the targets to be adjusted to the changes.

Stars warn

So far we have talked about what the person can do at the moment eclipse to change the fate for the better. But the stars are not silent: November celestial configuration in its own impact on all of us, to something pushing, warning of something. What is written on the heavenly tablets now?

First, there are general warnings.

On the day of a solar eclipse and a week after the high risk of violent conflict: face not only contradictory, but even parallel, like, interests. Questions benefits may prevail over the relationship, as a result it is possible the emergence of grievances — lingering, smoldering undercurrent. This hidden inflammation long — from four to nine and a half years — can poison there, so by all means keep himself in hand, do not go to the conflict!

A lunar eclipse can play a bad joke to those who are inclined to live in a fool's paradise, as well as people who used to ignore the opinions of others: they will be toys in the hands of manipulators.

Our next warning for certain groups of people — those who are born into the world at certain periods. They are in this November, "isolated" luminaries and stand in the spotlight on them eclipse will be especially noticeable effect. But, my friends, we must remember that the eclipse affects everyone. And even if not directly in their own skins, we feel their influence, the area of the eclipse can also be a family, and colleagues, and the people with whom we have contact with doctors, school teachers, shop assistants, etc.

And now — the personal warning.

Extremely attentive to themselves, their families, health and business throughout should be born in November 12 — March 20, 1994, 9 — 18 January 1985, 25 April — 1 May 1980, 14 — 22 August 1975, 4 — 6 April 1966 , September 14 — October 11, 1961, 18 — 30 January 1957, 9 — 20, 1952, August 31 — September 12, 1947, December 19, 1942 — January 2, 1943, April 27 — July 1, 1938. Affect you both eclipse: the fate of suit test of strength in the most important areas of life.

Been significantly affect the November eclipse those whose birthdays fall on the 13 — 19th of any month. Some clarifications:

Born January 13 — 19, 13 — 19 July will be snapped up by a favorite and friends — trouble is, of course, a lot, but the opportunity to make good money. If you are in a creative or life crisis, there will a chance to overcome it — do not miss the new things that will come to life. A better — look for yourself!

Born 13 — February 19, 13 — 19 August, will be given the opportunity to maximize reveal their professional qualities. Against this background, can even open your own business. A salaried employees will have the opportunity to distinguish themselves before the authorities.

Born 13 — 19 March, 13 — 19 September, life is not never stop learning, but there are special times when the lessons are strewed one by one. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes — in the form of lumps. The older we get, the more painful carry these lessons. So, do initiate their education: Take professional development.

Born on 13 — 19 April, 13 — 19, should come to grips with their health: to pass examinations, to give up bad habits, review board and thinking.

Born 13 — 19 May, 13 — 19 November, to build relationships: Lata old cracks, do not let the new experience. Leash emotions: it is their lack of control — the main cause of long-running disputes and conflicts.

Born 13 — December 19, 13 — 19 June wait service problems, up to conflict with colleagues. That will result in the proceedings and with others, and with your soul.

Lunar eclipse over effect on the actions of those whose birthdays fall on the 27th — 29th of the month.

Some clarifications:

People who came into the world 27 — January 29, 27 — 29 July ozadachat friends, loved ones and children. Have to deal with their problems, forgetting himself. Be prepared for a debriefing, to increased spending, to travel, including long-range.

Those that were born 27 — February 29, 27 — 29 August, may have difficulties at work and at home. And technically, and in relationships. The situation will require the full commitment. Accumulate power.

Those who were born March 27 — 29, 27 — 29 September, someone from the family will present an important lesson. Yes, you learn a lot of "interesting" Latent side of your personality — but will have a chance to apologize, to cleanse the soul.

Born April 27 — 29, 27 — 29, two days before the eclipse, and after a couple of days is to refrain from long-distance travel and the active sports (morning fizzaryadka not count): high risk of extreme situations and unexpected expenses.

We were born May 27 — 29, 27 — 29 November at high risk of false situations, encounters with crooks and swindlers … may not feel right if you're not alert. Close can bring bad news — not punish the messenger! First let the emotions subside.

Born 27 — 29 June 27 — December 29 — be careful: you can be at the epicenter of the conflict with a long echo effects. Feel free to simply avoid explanation or stressful situations — will be dismantled when passions subside.

Astrologer Olga Faust

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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