Orders for Russian weapons have exceeded $ 46 billion

Export orders for weapons and military equipment valued at more than $ 46 billion, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday at a meeting of the commission on military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries.


"I am pleased to note that over the past year and seriously enlarged our portfolio of orders, he is currently 46.3 billion dollars", — Putin said.

According to him, "it is necessary to develop these positive trends, because it is a very significant contribution not only to the state budget, but also in the development of high technology."

"This allows our defense companies to get additional revenue, save jobs, to invest in promising projects," — said the president.

"But — he said — there are difficulties, there are problems, we need to talk about that today. You know that these problems are primarily associated with the complexities of the global economy. Someone just do not have the financial resources, and these countries believe it appropriate to extend the operating life itself available to them weapons and special equipment, to postpone the new import contracts. Others are looking to buy a license to develop its own defense industry. "

That's all, Putin said, can be and should be taken into account in the work.

"This is — the reality that we need to know and have to react to everything that happens in the world" — the president said.

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