Our fishing. Okunevaya fishing watch online

Our fishing.  Okunevaya fishing watch online
Boris Saksonova personal project (known to us by movie series "Cut,!"). It is devoted to ultra-light tackle fishing for redfish. "Ultralaytovaya fishing — One of the most exciting and active ways of catching fish, because this topic I just could not get around. Having started to learn this way of fishing is not so long ago, I I remember very well what issues motivate me. Respond to them, I and tried in this movie. The movie is dedicated to the most ultra-light tackle catch a fish — perch. The shooting took place in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, in summer and autumn, with the shore and from boats. Because they themselves are aware, in the movie tells about the features of Okuneva fishing in different water bodies and at different times of the year. I hope that the answers to the questions that interests me, and will be useful for you

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