Philippine crocodile was in the Guinness book as the worlds largest

The largest crocodile living in captivity, was, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the crocodile, nicknamed Lolong (Lolong), caught in September last year in the Philippines, reports the Associated Press.

According to the representative of the record books by Anne-Liz Rose (Anne-Lise Rouse), the length of the saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus) reaches 6.17 meters and weigh more than a ton. The previous record was an Australian crocodile longer than five meters and a weight of just under a ton.

Lolonga caught in September 2011 in the small town Bunavan (Bunawan, Agusan province South). It is believed that while the crocodilerecord live in the wild, he attacked the local fishermen and farmers. His victims were at least one person, another has been missing.

The crocodile was the main attraction of the Philippine town, with a population of up to 37,000 people. According to Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde Bunavana (Edwin Cox Elorde), since the spread messages about the capture of a giant crocodile, look at it attracts thousands of tourists, the city has earned about 3 million pesos (72,000 dollars).

Mayor Bunavana, despite the growing popularity got into the record books Lolonga warned that are found in the vicinity of the same, if not bigger, crocodiles, which can be dangerous for local residents and tourists.

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