Predictions about the comet and star of the Apocalypse

Bertha Dudda prediction of the appearance of Star Apocalypse.

Bertha Dudda (1891-1965) was born in Legnica (Silesia). Since 1937, she received the revelation with the "inner voice." Predicted a difficult fate of all mankind, in particular, the emergence of stars near the planet.

"Pending such events will be awesome and will take such enormous dimensions that we can not leave you in the dark, the more so that through you I speak to other people. You have dedicated themselves to serving me, because nothing will be concealed by or hidden from you.
The star is approaching at high speed to the Earth. You do not know about it because of the great distance at which the star had up to now, but you will see it. Then there will be great excitement because all recognize the threat posed by a celestial body of the Earth, but no one can do anything to prevent the danger. "

6313. "This is a new star, which inexorably approaching Earth unusual course. People are aware of all the new features of the stars, when they observe their movements. They recognize the danger for the Earth, and on the other hand, does not want to believe in the coming destruction because of this they have not yet experienced.

6324. Listen, I'll tell you: "A sure sign of the end of the world — the emergence of the star, which is sent to the Earth, in a strange way … Your eyes do not see a star, because it is accompanied by an impenetrable fog that surrounds it …
Terrible natural disaster, people waiting for you before the end of the world — the total restructuring of the earth's surface, which will lead to countless victims. Again and again I point this out so you know, my words are true and true! ".

Hildegard von Bingen prediction about the dreaded "comet"

(1098-1179) — the holy Catholic Church, the abbess of the monastery of Bingen

"By the end of the world of mankind will be purified through sufferings. This will be particularly true of the clergy, who will be deprived of all property. When the clergy take a simple life, conditions will improve. "

Even before the comet arrives (probably a neutron star — Comm. SV), many people, except for the righteous, will be wiped out by poverty and hunger. Great people living overseas (America), inhabited by people of different tribes and generations will be ruined by an earthquake, a hurricane and tidal waves. It will be divided, and most will be under water. This nation will see a lot of misery to the sea.

He will lose its colonies in the east between the Tiger and Lion. His tremendous pressure from the ocean Comet replace so much water that it will flood many countries and cause of poverty and various diseases. All coastal cities will be flooded, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves. Most living things die, and even those who could escape to die of horrible diseases. And there will not be one of those cities live person on God's command. "

Perhaps the prophecy says when Hildegard star that accompanies extensive gas-dust cloud. Astronomers call the comet, "visible nothing." With its impressive size, they have a negligible mass (compared to Earth) and cause tidal waves can not.

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