Predictions of Albert the Great and Paracelsus

Albert the Great and his predictions

His name was — Albert von Volshtedt. However, he went down in history as Albert the Great, as it is considered the greatest German naturalist, philosopher, theologian, alchemist and astrologer of the Middle Ages.
He lived quite a long life, having been born about 1193 and died already in 1280. So long even by modern standards life contains many mysteries and guesses.
And here are some more of the prophecy of his book.

"People will open a large beach far away from the Pillars of Hercules. This land will be settled by the people of the north who will fill it and make a great state. " This prophecy seems to be related to the discovery of America.
"Germany will be on the edge of three victories in a period of 700 years. It is almost three times possess the world. " It just happened. The first time, Germany was almost captured the world in XIV century, when Charles V of the rules of the House of Habsburg. Under his authority was the Holy Roman Empire and Spain. However to world domination is not reached. The second attempt was under the rule of the Hohenzollern in XIX-XX centuries. Third time Germany tried to take dominion over the world in the middle of the XX century, when Hitler and his Nazis started World War II.
And again, nothing came of it.
As we can see, Germany, and indeed for the period from the XIV to the XX century possessed almost three times the world, but did not achieve the final victory.
"People will get involved in cars, machines, but over time they will throw them as unnecessary toys. This will create a walking machine, in which people are sitting. " Perhaps this refers to the vehicles and walkers, experiments to establish which are ongoing.
"Man will fly to the Moon and Mars in 700-800 years after the death of Albert the Great." He, as we have said, had died in 1280. Respectively, at 700 and 800 years to receive the dates 1980 and 2080. But humans first set foot on the moon, even earlier — in 1969, thus beating the prophecy.

"There are flights to other planets and in other worlds." Now scientists are working on the problem of returning to the moon and its development, as well as create programs which enable manned missions to Mars.
"After 1000 years after the death of Albert the Great angels will descend from heaven, as in antediluvian times." Therefore, in 2280 we can expect the invasion of aliens. As, according to the prophet, "the period of the worst trials and sufferings of humanity will be in 1000 after the death of Albert the Great. Then will come the Golden Age. New islands will rise from the ocean. Strange ancient island will show their tops of the mountains from the waters of the pillars of Hercules. " In short, like other forecasters, predicts the return of Albert the Great lost Atlantis, as well as the formation of new islands.
"Islam does not last for more than 300 years after the death of Albert the Great." Thus, Albert the Great, Islam as a religion cease to exist around the end of the XXI century.
And finally: "The world will be divided into three large state. May God help resolve the dispute between them. " What are these three states, we have yet to find out …

Predictions of Paracelsus

Usually when it comes to Paracelsus, his recall as a famous physician and naturalist. But contemporaries knew Philip Teofasta Aureol Bombast von Hohenheim — that was his real name — and even as an alchemist and astrologer, has left many predictions.
Peru belongs Paracelsus and the book "Oracles," in which he gives a prediction before the end of the XXII century on, however, mostly only in Europe. Here are some of them.
"In France Valois dynasty fall, comes to power the Bourbons. The latter will be overthrown by exactly 200 years after the seizure of power, "- wrote Paracelsus. Indeed, in 1589, came to power, King Henry IV of Navarre. In 1789, the ruling dynasty was overthrown, because there was the French Revolution.
"In the future victory of the republican and democratic forms of government in all European countries", — he foresaw.
"In France, Napoleon comes to power," — and here he was right.
"There will be a state on the other side of the ocean." Throw a stone at me, if we are talking not about education dollars.
"The world is divided into three camps." This prediction seems to be true, because in the world today have decided about three equal powers — Europe, Asia and America, led by the U.S.. "Exalted China" — wrote on Paracelsus. And it is — absolutely true.
"After 400 years after the death of Paracelsus enter a period of great prosperity, prosperity and material well-being of everyone. After this time, the stage comes a terrible crisis with many beggars, people with brutality, with cannibalism, even in big cities. "
Here he published a small bobble. We know that Paracelsus died in 1541. And after 400 years, that is in 1941, no, sorry, there was no welfare, planet on fire raging WWII. The world lived relatively well until the mid 30's, while in power in Germany, Hitler came.
"Germany will never be free." And this statement is not true, especially in light of the relatively recent unification of the GDR and the FRG.

And here's another prediction, which is of particular interest to you and me: "There is one nation that Herodotus called Hyperboreans. The current name of the people — Muscovy. You can not trust their terrible decline that would last for centuries. Hyperborea learn and a strong decline, and a huge bloom. They will have three falls and three elevations …
At the very country of the Hyperboreans, about which no one had ever thought of as a country in which great things can happen over humiliated and rejected shine great cross. "
And should it happen 500 years after the death of Paracelsus, that is in 2041.
True, the golden age that will bring happiness and prosperity, by Paracelsus, will continue only until the end of the XXI century, to be exact — until 2091. And then replaced him, alas, have a terrible new attack …

From the book "100 Great predictions"

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