Premiums for shooting wolves appointed in Khakassia

The State Committee for Wildlife Khakassia appointed Prize hunters shooting wolves that damage of the republic, the State Committee said.

Shooting wolves announced in the framework of the republican target programs for the protection and reproduction of animals until 2015. The need to regulate the number of wolves caused damage that predators cause of wild hoofed animals to livestock.

Wolf population increase noted in Ust-Abakan and Askizsky districts.

"At the end of 2012 there began to receive information from farmers and hunters of large flocks of predators — up to 11 individuals that harm farmers. Shooting of animals in accordance with the law", — explained in the department.

Hunters prey of wolves will be paid premiums: 8000 for adults and 2000 for the young. Hunters must have all the documents to allow mining rights hunting resources.

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