Prime Minister of Crimea: After 60 years, we are going back to Russia

Prime Minister of Crimea: After 60 years, we are going back to Russia
Less than a week remains before the referendum, which resulted in the Crimea could join the Russian Federation. On the situation in the region in an interview with RIA «Announcements» said the head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

— You have almost two prime weeks. What is the current situation in the Crimea? What about management issues?

— While coping. The situation is under control, there were no injuries. All military units are illegally on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, controlled, monitored and races to the Crimea and the airport. Working on anti-crisis measures, including the Russian staff. For example, the question of what to do in case of a power outage. Although Ukraine has no reason to disable us: we do not owe any of the Crimea for gas or for water or for light. From the standpoint of the economy, we in the legal field, no problems no. And if there are diversions from harm if you just disable zahochut us — they will set themselves against the inhabitants of the Crimea, and the situation is deadlocked. And even in such a situation we have options, including taking into account the help of our (Russian) colleagues, how to reach, that Crimeans not experienced shortcomings in electricity, water, heat.

— What areas do you look at the moment is more important?

— The system of money management and energy. Many keys, passwords, codes, necessary to control currency flows are in Kiev. Kiev, for example, we disabled registries excluding real estate and land. Now we restore these registers without the help of others.

— Crimean bureaucrats reported that the State Treasury of Ukraine blocked the work of the Treasury of the Crimea …

— Treasury bills until passes — including the funds that pay Crimeans Ukrainian budget.

— In other words, two-way flow of money between the Crimea and Kiev saved?

Sergey Aksenov
— We have not broken it. Legally entitled to do so only after we get a referendum. While we are still in the legislative field of Ukraine.

— From the budget of Ukraine received the funds to pay salaries and pensions?

— Yes, up to 5 numbers (March) all amounts received for the month. Just as we have sent to Ukraine absolutely contributions to the Pension Fund.

— And what will happen in the next month?

— Everything will be fine. In 1-x, y Crimea have reserves. In-2-x, means that we gather here and send to Kiev as income tax and VAT, are approximately equal to those amounts, which are sent to us Kiev. There is also an agreement with the Russian Federation on the provision in which case the cash assistance. We are convinced that we retain the situation under control. All pensions, public sector wages, preferential subsidies — all to be paid in full.

— In what form will help from Russia? Do I need to return it?

— Currently spetsy determine what format it can be. Dotting the «i» will put a referendum.

— Which costs will claim to hold a referendum?

— The figure will be known in Mon Currently in the Crimean Supreme Council working group with representatives of the Council of Ministers of the role just is preparing a referendum.

— Ballots will be protected from tampering?

— Yes, there is a system of protection. We will create a very transparent referendum, with a tolerance of observers will not be any problems. We’re going to start not only those who want to distort information. I did not cut at the moment one size fits all — some Western media suitable to the situation very carefully, evaluate it correctly. But many Western media pretend that all relaxed Western Ukraine in Kiev, all is quiet, and the «rebels» Only Crimea. For all this they stroll through the streets of the Crimean, behold the that no one here at no attacks, most people live a normal life. Those who come here to twist everything upside down, we are not happy and do not want to build them here.

— You have been monitoring sentiment in Crimea? What are the results of the referendum waiting for?

— Naturally, performed and, of course, look forward to the highest number. The results are positive — I do not doubt it.

We expect that the government of the Russian Federation and the State Duma will accept the following week a decision on simplified procedure of entering the Crimea to Russia. Prior to the referendum, they must agree that in principle we are willing to accept. The referendum will have the right to life, if such consent is received.

You see, we are building «on wheels»: and legislation, and technology transfer procedures, well, almost everything else. This method has no walking. When I was elected head of the government, we do not have anything of its own: the Council of Ministers or apparatus or structures of power services. Currently we build anew all actually. Understand how to build on virgin? Car came in soilless field, put up a tent and started construction. Here we have about the same.

My subordinates actually not asleep, well, I did not go nearly 6 days, but what can you do — emergency mode. Many thought that once a crisis moment I was elected Prime Minister, this is temporary, short term. I say all the guys ran out of jokes, you need to work. We all siloviki was put under disloyal Crimea Governing changed, self-defense made moderated factor, all military units took control. Main objectives we had and there — do not let a single drop of blood, no collisions, avoid all very, very minor though, conflict, even at the household level.

— What a time for your eyes, take a period of entering the Crimea to Russia?

— If a national referendum will say that yes, Crimea should become part of, we will have round the clock. Ahoy will be full and complete, we are able to work and create everything, so very rapidly enter into the legislative field of Russian Federation. I have a tough confidence that we will surprise everyone and create it well, just as soon as possible. About’s nobody reads, the count can go up to a month.

Naturally, the transition period will still be, in fact we have one hundred percent enter the ruble zone, translate all the calculations inside the Crimea, including accrued salaries, pensions and benefits to the Russian ruble.

— Anticipates whether the transition probability for the Russian currency parallel implementation for some time and the ruble and hryvnia?

— Our Ministry is engaged in money at the moment this issue. Tuesday, March 11, they have to give their proposals: what will be the procedure and how long it will take. What comes out of our developments, over which a large group of professionals, we’ll see in the coming days are already.

— If the referendum Crimea favors entry into the Russian Federation that will be with servicemen of Ukraine, who for various reasons do not agree to take the oath of Crimea or Russia?

— Most of the soldiers in the units stationed on the territory of Crimea — our inhabitants, Crimeans. We often call of the pieces and the soldiers and officers, they say that they are facing the commanders who in the main from Western Ukraine. And threatened with criminal prosecution, and in some places even a weapon. They are ready at the moment to go out and disarm, but are afraid of persecution. Here now called from Yalta, part of the defense. They are willing to sign an agreement with parts of self-defense, to disarm and transfer all under the control of our military.

You understand that we have already generated the first company of the Armed Forces, which just recently took the oath in the central park of Simferopol and thus laid the foundation of our army. They — Crimeans, officially will be serving to protect our country, and in addition, we already have offices and security of Crimea, is a former SBU and our MIA, who defected to the side of the people.

After the referendum, regardless of the decision to be taken population of Crimea, Ukrainian military units will accept the decision. Many commanders said: «If you decide to go to Russia, we raise the pure white flag and disarm.» Crimeans, and of the inhabitants of other regions may remain quietly serve in our armed forces. All others who do not lust to remain in the Crimea, as such, of course, is, to return to their town. We all military personnel, regardless of whether they defected to the side of the Crimea or not, guarantee the payment of all types of foreign exchange allowance. Regardless of what they will say the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. All military who want to be relaxed opportunity, without hassle and without threats to leave the area and go to the republic for yourself home.

We must deal with people fairly. Naturally, if there are cases of sedition, and in particular to the use of guns, we will prosecute. If blood does not come to mind and feelings prevail over situational, then everything will be fine. We categorically do not want any casualties, and of criminal cases do not want to, most importantly, that the soldiers were not under constant pressure and were not affected. Understand, we do not need.

According to our data, the terrain Crimea is about 10 thousand soldiers of Ukraine. These data are, of course, have become obsolete, because the transition to the military side of the people of Crimea is constantly, even at this point, you can compare the number, and they will already be obsolete.

We all, not counting those who apply the instrument, guarantee freedom and security, regardless of the type of troops, subordination, etc.. We provide the right choice and do not create any tension. Who want, can quit, and if you want to — take up an oath of allegiance to the people of Crimea.

— In the case of a decision of the referendum on the transition of the Russian Federation that will be with citizens who want to quit at the passport of Ukraine?

— We will not under any circumstances do not insist on the need to take the passports of Ukraine. Who else wants to do so he will. If a large part in a referendum to determine the benefit of the Russian Federation, it will be a transitional period, the decision will be taken every particular person without the help of others, which he will need a passport. Maybe it would be two and citizenship until they know people will decide.

— Sevastopol is also conducting a referendum, but they are, as I understand it, want a special status within the Russian Federation — the city under central authority. How do you perceive it, because only recently assumed the occurrence of Sevastopol in the Crimea?

— We respect the will perceive at least some inhabitants of Sevastopol and they will not impose their own approach. Their reality and special status, they have caused, and let the vote decide. Zahochut join the Crimea — we will support, zahochut be separately — we will support it.

— The status the Crimea counts in RF?

— We have always considered themselves autonomy and autonomy Crimeans always proud, because we expect that it will Autonomous Republic of Crimea within the Russian Federation. Autonomy must be preserved, but as the subject of Russian Federation.

— You were that municipal Ukrainian enterprises who use the natural resources of the Crimea, will cross into the ownership of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

— Yes, the ownership of the Supreme Council. This will affect the energy sector companies and companies that are associated with the extraction of minerals. Energy and mineral resources belong to the people of autonomy. All municipal entities that are related to energy resources, become the property of autonomy.

With all of this in matters related to personal property will not be any problems and no threats will not be even more so. I can confidently say: will not be re-privatization. This we guarantee. Business will continue to operate as usual. If the Crimea will be a part of, we expect that the Crimea will be given preference, can be in the form of the creation of a free economic zone here.

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

— What do you suggest the Crimean Tatars? Crimean Tatar population in Crimea is about 12%, and, judging by the statements of some favorites, relating to the referendum in their complex.

— We have proposed to allocate their deputy prime minister, 2-ministers and virtually every ministry, including in each power structure, at least post the 1st Deputy Minister. We have from the Crimean Tatars are no secrets. We live in one area, in one country and wish to have them was the realization that we are building here is our common home, and there are not keen on some issues that Tipo, as our detractors shout against their focus. Because we encourage them to enter into all the organs of state power and control.

In addition, we actually offered twice to increment the amount of funds to be allocated to upgrading returned from deportation — about 22 million dollars a year. We do not have any questions, thought, agreed and ready to close this figure is guaranteed. My deputy government Rustam Temirgaliev leads negotiations with them, I also met with representatives of virtually all public organizations of the Crimean Tatar people. We guarantee to them that there is no ethnic discrimination will not all be right monotonous. We wish that we all ended peacefully. If politicians do not have fueled their anti-Russian, anti-Russian sentiment in the Crimea in general there would be no controversy.

Crimean Tatars, of the same wish that other Crimeans: stability, payment of pensions, salaries, social benefits. Many simply do not understand that the transition in Russia for them — plus. Often they just do not have the appropriate disk imaging. We at the time the loan is explaining the situation, work to inform the Crimean Tatar population.

— In the case of a decision of the referendum on the transition of the Russian Crimea whether the republic kept multilingualism?

— Of course, we are not against the native language. We actually used at home in two languages ​​- Russian and Crimean Tatar. Naturally, everyone will have the opportunity to develop their own native language, we are in what is not going to limit the Crimean Tatars. The country is bilingual, that’s for sure. About Ukrainian say yet not ready, we have to say it almost — a maximum of one percent of the inhabitants of the Crimea Ukrainian uses in everyday life. But if there is such a question, we will certainly consider it.

By the way, for the construction of a mosque in Simferopol party «Russian Unity» (Sergey Aksenov is a favorite of the party. — Comm. Ed.) Voted yet in the past year. We stand for the fact that people of all faiths have the opportunity to practice their religious rituals. We go to Russia for a glory not revolutionaries, we go behind the state, with great little letters, position, finally get the real processes, which will influence the Crimeans. We’d like to, so we came out and people were grateful for it. Other rulers of Ukraine in the eyes were only means, and what came of it, we litsezreem. We do not put money goal. After 60 years we finally restore justice, back home, back home in Russia!


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