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Mother Alypy Golosiivskyi prophesied war will begin on the Apostles Peter and Paul. Will lie: there is a hand there leg. This will happen when the corpse will make a "(the mausoleum). Serendipity mother was obvious to all who knew her. A few months before the resumption of the Kiev-Pechersk stronghold let slip: "Already in the caves and the lamps are lit."

However, when she reported the discovery of the monastery, said a cut, "Open, but not for pleasure."
The fate of the world is hidden from people.
Who knows the ways of the Lord? He's the One — the Creator of all creation, in His power to change everything in an instant.
"Revelation" makes it clear that human history is also in charge of the Lord dwells. What and where to happen — people know it unprofitable. When will be the King of kings and Lord of lords, we will only be silent before Him.
However, some devotees for their high 'life milestones of historical change. What will happen first, famine or war, Alipio said Granny. "As for the people the salutary" — was the answer.
"From Kiev, do not go away — my mother punished — everywhere hunger will, and in Kiev bread is." And the more deeply immersed in the life of Kiev ascetics, the more convinced: there are so many shrines that in the hour nourish as daily bread! "His people to death the Lord will not allow the faithful will keep in one communion bread" — Mother prophesied.
Sometimes she is telling us about things strange and incomprehensible to the human mind.

"Once it all end of the world we have described — says LA Cherednichenko. — About an hour said, we listened, but dropped out of memory, only two or three sentences remained as a guide in the darkness.
War will begin on the Apostles Peter and Paul, said my mother. Will lie: there is a hand there leg. This will happen when will put a corpse. "
"States will vary in terms of money — another time opened the bayou. It will not be a war, but punishment of peoples for their rotten state.
Dead bodies lie around the corner, no one will take them to bury. Hills, mountains crumble, razed. People are running from place to place. There will be plenty of bloodless martyrs who will suffer for the Orthodox faith. "
The war will begin "to Peter and Paul," in an allegorical sense: scolding the disciples of Christ, teaching them. Day Apostles celebrated 29/12 July. It would seem that the dramatic events to be expected in the summer, but the year before his death, my mother came to live Alypy one she knows the number of names. She called this calendar Jerusalem.
Prophetic time factors sealed — she saw a blissful world in a different scenario.
Particular confusion among fans caused the relationship to the mother who was then Alipio Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev.
She has repeatedly predicted that he will take the churches that will be split. When the "Metropolitan" Filaret served at the Ascension Church, Mother Alypy at all the people loudly denounced it: "Glory, glory, and men die."
One nun, she said, to convey to all your friends that will be split and the true church will be put to shame, but "salvation only in the canonical Orthodox Church."

Special pain Alipio mother was the Chernobyl disaster, which in the year before the tragedy excited her head and move to the strong prayers. She has repeatedly said that it would be a tragedy.
She called it the fire, said she hunted the land, water, air, that it happens in Holy Week that will happen in the Polesie side. She said that the "atom goes to Kiev." With all my heart she prayed to the Lord lessen the effects of the tragedy, but all of this ought to be.
When the crash occurred, Mother said, "I live pain of others." In the difficult days for the people of the Lord sent Alipio mother to stop the panic, for solace and escape from the invisible death.
My mother does not bless leave urged to turn to God overshadow food cross, eat everything and nothing to fear, trusting in the Lord.

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