Protect the planet from the end of the world?

People around the world are waiting for the promise of the fear of Armageddon. However, if you look at some facts about the history of the Earth, it seems that someone protects our planet.

December 26, 2004. In 00 hours 58 minutes local time near the island of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean at a depth of 30 kilometers there is a shift of the crust. Indian tectonic plate at high speed crashed into the Burmese dress ….

The result — begins the most powerful in history earthquake. Energy released as a result of tectonic collision, would be enough to break the moon's orbit.
Only for the first few seconds of the earthquake led to the giant rift crust of 100 to 400 miles! Then began the movement of huge masses of ocean water, and the terrible tsunami off on his fatal journey …

Within minutes after the earthquake 15-meter wave hit the coast of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Thailand …

Huge waves swept away everything that came in their way: the moored ships, buildings, roads, and people …

Disaster victims are almost 300 000 people! However, according to calculations of scientists earthquake and tsunami of such force was to harm many times greater than the actual scale. Some scholars have argued at all about the possible destruction of the entire human civilization. According to calculations, the most gigantic wave in the history of mankind has had some time to go around the globe, covering most of the land.

However, this did not happen … Huge waves were able to reach only to the neighboring African continent: South Africa, and to the coasts of Somalia, covered North and South America. But then the element of reason began to decline sharply … and re-tsunami contrary to predictions, the scientists have not begun … Why?

Why, violating all the laws of physics, giant waves and a powerful earthquake that reduced the day on this planet for 3 microseconds, not erased half of humanity from the face of the Earth? Why not re-started a series of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis? The answer to this question is no. Trying to explain this phenomenon, scientists today push sensational hypothesis — we are only saved by the sudden intervention of a mysterious force, which stopped the catastrophe. What is this power? Many versions. From the laws of the universal balance, before the intervention of alien intelligence.

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