Protected areas of Kamchatka are switching to solar power

The first step in the development of solar energy in specially protected natural territories of Kamchatka done. In November, the Natural Park of "Volcanoes of Kamchatka" received five sets of solar modules FSM-220.


According to the press service of the natural park, next season will set them on the cordon, "Central", "Avachinskiy Pass" and "Cape Nalycheva" Nalychevo in the park, and — on Dimchikanskom cordon Bystrinsky.


On Dimchikanskom cordon has already been successfully tested experience of using a small solar power, which showed that the level of insolation in Kamchatka is sufficient for the use of power plants of this type.

"Do not need to mark time, to look for alternatives, including — energy, — the director of KSU" Natural Park "Volcanoes of Kamchatka" Victor Komarov — sustainable use of the inexhaustible source of clean energy will be one of the long-term deposits of natural park in the future the whole of Kamchatka. "

"Solar panels all over the world have proven to be reliable sources of clean energy, — says the head of the department of environmental education park Gleb Parunov — It is high time to abandon the use of generators and switch to advanced environmentally friendly energy technologies. Installation at the cordons park solar modules have a positive effect on the state of natural systems, and the infrastructure, and, in addition, the park will help reduce the cost of fuel that is used in the electric power generation. "

According to the deputy director of the park Radmir Korenev, "park will be closely watching how to behave solnechnoenergeticheskie installation in our climate, and perhaps in the near future there will be an occasion to reflect on the solar collectors — water heating plants operating on the same principle that and solar panels that will be the next step in the development of the infrastructure of the park. "

In addition, the idea is equipped with a solar module car park a mobile task force to improve the efficiency of its work.

In April, the project KSU "Natural Park" Volcanoes of Kamchatka "to equip the network of protected cordon and park visitor centers photovoltaic plant has been recognized as the best in the competition of social projects in the field of energy conservation, which was conducted by the Ministry of Housing and Energy Kamchatka.

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