Purification of water from the well of iron

Iron, dissolved in water, can be found in all parts of the aquifer near Moscow. Removal is necessary if you want to maintain excellent health. Also, excess iron affects the appearance of the plumber and the dishes — it leaves traces of rust on them. Removal of this impurity in two ways — without chemicals and with their participation.

Water purification from iron is to bring it to a state in which it is easy to be delayed in the pressure filter. When processing reagents or other special means iron trying to bring to the solid form that it is in some form of precipitates. Then it is easy to precipitate in the filter. Just bring to the desired state of iron can be done in two ways.

Consider the removal of iron without reagents, usually in this case is forced aeration of water environment. It introduces air compressor, oxygen which reacts with iron. Oxidized metal, an iron oxide, which is insoluble substance (it is, in other words, particles of rust). Oxide precipitates and in the filter.

Purification of water from the well on the metal by this method is not always possible. Also important is the concentration of the iron — it should be no more than 10 mg / l, and other substances that would put the reaction, for example, reducing hydrogen sulfide — it should be no more than 2 mg / l.

The method of removal of iron, which uses agents to work in all cases. After this purification of iron in the water will be 0.1 mg / l. Agent — a chemical that reacts with the iron and oxidizing it. The most widely used agent for this purpose is chlorine. Chlorine can destroy organic iron, which as in the previous method, and converted to oxide precipitates. In addition to iron, chlorine removes manganese from water, hydrogen sulfide, also probably known to all disinfectant properties of the substance.

Now increasingly being used instead of chlorine its counterpart — sodium hypochlorite solution. It has the advantages of chlorine. For example, chlorine forms lime, respectively, in water there is a suspension of particles, which increases the load on the filters, sodium hypochlorite no news does not form. In addition, sodium hypochlorite, disinfects water better and better oxidizes iron than chlorine.

Before you choose a filter to remove the iron definite mode of operation, it is necessary to clarify the content of the water, the type (iron can be organic, two-or trivalent). We should also be aware of the presence of other contaminants, first, that, too, to remove them, and second, to iron removal filters worked, because certain substances can interfere with this (eg, hydrogen sulfide). To learn about all the impurities to make the analysis of water. Possessing the result, you can build high-quality and relevant cleaning system.

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