Putin visited the biker club

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called from Sevastopol to Yalta, where he held a meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. In Yalta, Putin had made a stop at the camp of fans of the bike club "Night Wolves".

Earlier, the head of state was on this basis, in the glory of Russian sailors, which regularly hold rallies motorcyclists and show programs are bikers. Putin also attended events bikers in Novorossiysk and other cities.

Russian president to focus on the fact that the club he began to see more girls. "Last time I visited you, did not pay attention to it, but I like you, burly men, behave with them with respect and affection," — said Putin.

The leader of the "Night Wolf" surgery (Alexander Zaldostanovym) says that the next Congress July 20-21 bikers devoted to the history of heroes of Sevastopol.

He noted that the visit to the camp in the summer of eighty thousand bikers. "It's not everyday entertainment in a given day, our events have become popular gathering", — he said.

He also said that in a great attitude to the "Night Wolves", and citizens are asked "not to betray" their city.

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