Puzzling success of free Estonia

Doubtful success of the "free" Estonia

August 20 is celebrated in Estonia 20 years from the day or the restoration of independence. Secede from the USSR now served by the local authorities as a "deliverance from the yoke" and the beginning of the "path to freedom." But what is really in this Baltic country have gained over two decades of independent existence? In an interview with "Pravda.Ru" says one of the favorites of the movement "Night Watch", which protects the rights of the Russian population, — Maxim Reva.

— What are the merits of independent Estonia? Its power does not get tired to put yourself in the merit that it is one of the first came from the "terrible totalitarian" Soviet Union and came …

— Objectively speaking, there is nothing to be proud of here. In the Russian Union of Estonia was the richest republic, it set an example to all. In the European Union, she was reincarnated in the backyard. It is the poorest country in the eurozone. Yes, built excellent roads, beautiful homes, playgrounds. But it was made by EU funds. So that success can be considered unless there is something that the Estonian elite stuck to the Brussels trough.

— And can we talk about independence? Who had more rights — the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic or in the Republic of Estonia in the EU and NATO?

— It's funny to say — but more rapidly in the Estonian SSR. Its Constitution was even written such attribute independent state, as his nationality. Is that not enough of its own foreign minister, army and currency. It was right on the way out of the Soviet Union — albeit formal.

Now the currency is not its own, the army obeys the command of NATO and municipal bureaucrats go to "Meeting" in Washington and Brussels. That's not so long ago, the Minister of Defense, past prime minister and ideologist of neo-Nazism, Mart Laar, lingered in the "Washington Regional Committee" longer ordinary. Constantly puts pressure on Estonia and Brussels. So the policy of a country is defined anywhere, but not in Tallinn. And the right to withdraw from the EU and NATO, and not have to stutter.

— Many (including in Russia) praised the Estonian authorities for economic success. Say, low taxes, good vkladyvatelny climate, low on the post-Soviet corruption measures. Justified if these words?

— As for the economy, the banks, the remains of the industry, all the other tasty morsels once the economy belong in the main companies from Sweden, less — from Finland. So that economic policy is also evident is determined not to Tallinn. Agriculture now actually killed, its products useless. There is a degradation of the village. Estonia itself earns nothing.

The government draws the perfect number balanced budget and prefers not to talk about the fact that inflation is 5 percent — one of the great features of the EU. Also silent on unemployment minimum of eight percent and tyschah of people looking for work abroad — mainly in Finland. On Monday afternoon ferry sailing from Tallinn to Helsinki, in particular, is full. On Friday evening the eyeballs packed ferry sailing back. This Estonian migrant workers it clog.

— What about the social sphere? Successes are felt?

— Now even many ethnic Estonians complain that even in the Soviet Union, it was much better. It was education and health. Diploma of Tartu Institute recognized abroad, people are fine with it hired again. Now, education and health just deteriorated. Doctors get a modern Estonian diploma, better not to let the patient. Estonia sank in the demographic hole and can not get out of it.

Full degradation observed in the field of culture, which is completely natural. Estonians — folk village, and the degradation of the village will degrade and culture. The country does not actually have to make a film. It is the same with science — scientific thought is left. Talents (including ethnic Estonians) tend to leave the country, not even live in this unpromising small little world, which can be crossed by car in a few hours.

— All the same, most of the Estonian Russian is not moved to Russia, and now we have not moved. And this despite the pripiraniya on national and linguistic lines, a bad situation in the economy. What did then caused a similar picture?

— Russian from Estonia go — including in Russia, and now the flow of immigrants increases. But leaving would be more if our homeland provided the usual conditions of his countrymen. Where to go? With funding from the apartment in Tallinn almost able to settle in the stairwell of the house somewhere in the not very prestigious district Zhulebino. Lifting equipment, loans from Russian country will not wait. Is that the way Israel sees the Jews? He would need to learn from this.

In such a situation, a more active part of the Russian population goes to the West. Not seeing prospects at home, in the same direction and fled ethnic Estonians. Last try at least what methods to remain in close linguistically Finland for permanent residence. Everybody is trying to escape from a sinking ship. In the Russian Federation there is at least the oil and gas pipes. Estonia does not have anything.

— Speaking of Finland. Estonian nationalists love to put it up as an example. As independent Estonia has managed to come close to the northern neighbor, a relative of the 20 years?

— The gap at the beginning was great, and during the current crisis, it has only grown. In addition, we should not overestimate the role of linguistic relationship. Estonians, Finns do not like — for example, for the fact that the Estonian migrant workers to their submissive behavior in Finland itself lowers wages and standards of living. The Finns are on strike, if that. Estonians do not either at home or in Finland. How to respect people who does not fight for their rights?

Associate the same position of the Swedes in Finland and Russian in Estonia — just funny. Swedish language has the status of municipality, although the Swedes in the Land of thousand lakes, there are only 6 percent of the population. In Estonia, the Russian shred about 5 times more, and no status for the Russian language is not.

— As things worsened between Russian and Estonian after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

— You can not say that in Soviet times they were spotless. I was personally involved in clashes with the Estonians, and with many of them in my later established friendly business. Friends-Estonians is at me and at the moment. The dismantling of the "Bronze soldier" is the "Bronze Night" in April 2007 worsened the relationship between the Russian and Estonian, Russian attitude towards Estonia. Earlier Estonian Russian rooting for football team, but now it is not.

Estonians are not very inherent militant nationalism, but the municipal propaganda and glorification of Nazism russophobia almost all did their job — especially in relation to young people. But a huge mistake to consider the Estonian nationalist elite. She — a liberal, and its representatives are distributed among their Western handouts, leaving only crumbs to the people. But nationalism — a means of separation of people along ethnic lines on the principle of "Delhi and have dominion."

— What future awaits independent Estonia?

— Bleak. People, especially young people, feel that their prick. Some people will leave, and some will arrange
a revolt against which nedavneshnie riots in London may fade. At the same time arrange it not Russian, and representatives of the "title" of civilization Estonia.

Vadim Trukhachev

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