Queues at exchangers as an indicator of economic policies

Excessive demand for foreign exchange is not abating. The situation was difficult for the fact that commercial banks have received written notice from the National Bank, which announced that it would stop selling them for currency exchange offices. Informed about the details of regional correspondents of "Freedom."


On Wednesday in Minsk in many exchange offices of customers queuing for currency received approximately the same answers as the correspondent of "Freedom" at the box office "Absolut" that on Independence Avenue, 95:

"Currencies have not. We are working with turnover — that buy from the population, and sell."

As explained by the "Freedom" the head of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov, Belarus has retained control over the exchange rate. This is done in order to prevent the financial imbalance:

"This will regulate the market or the National Bank. National Bank has the right to regulate such processes."

Anatoly Drozdov also explained why the National Bank refused to commercial banks in the supply of currency exchangers:

"In Belarus today there is a rule that business entities who work with currency, we deduct 30 percent. These contributions make up only one fifth of all the currency in Belarus. Remainder — the accounts at commercial banks. They are now in 4 Currency times more than in the National Bank. Because legitimate question: why the National Bank should help them?'s why we're trying them supporting these measures: work longer themselves with customers. This is your business. "

Said the head of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov.

Then — on the foreign exchange market in the regions.


Most exchangers currency is not

Brest correspondent of "Freedom" Sergei Yegorov said that the residents of the border town of massively buying currency in exchange. According to the journalist, the official said that the buy dollars and euros can be in any bank, are not true. Many are faced with the fact that the dollar and euro out of stock.

In Brest offices of private banks argue that the euro and the dollar is in exchange as necessary. Namesnitsa Director of VTB Bank says that today the currency sufficient to meet the demand for it:

"Our bank is all right with the currency, you can go to our exchangers in the hotel" Intourist "or at the" Matrix "- there is a currency in sufficient numbers."

Most exchangers, however, the currency is almost there, and if there is, small amounts in the range of 20-50 dollars. In a number of exchangers in dollars and euros is impossible to buy, said a resident of Brest


Now buy the currency is almost impossible. I was in the bank for Masherova the boulevard Cosmonauts in the bank near the University. Nowhere is there no dollars and euros

Fuss called people to distrust the promises of officials "

"Now almost impossible to buy the currency. I was in the bank for Masherova the boulevard Cosmonauts in the bank near the University. Nowhere dollars and not euros. It seems to me that this is due to the distrust of people according to officials. Moreover, it was said that the dollar more expensive. How — I do not know. "

Foreign currency can not be removed and ATMs. A number of terminals, where earlier could remove dollars and euros, now give a message about the technical error, says a resident of Brest:

"ATM does not give the U.S."

"I tried to take dollars out of the ATM, but does not. Several ATMs I walked around, trying to withdraw money, and I wrote what happened to a technical error. Stopped in at the cash register, took the money out there, but the U.S. and there. Refers it and the euro. Just I do not understand what is happening, why no one explained? ".

Grodno region

"The lack of currency creates problems in the trade"

One of Grodno businessmen operating in the market near the exchangers, and has the ability to constantly monitor the queue. This afternoon, this exchanger has been closed.

This morning in the exchanger is two or even three thousand, but immediately sold out

Entrepreneur: "Of course, there was the last week of this problem is very difficult to get dollars. This morning in the exchanger is two or even three thousand, but immediately sold out. And today, commercial banks operate only with the currency received from the hands of the people : got — sold, they will not give the National Bank. Absolutely nowhere to be found when it appears immediately sold out. "

True, some small traders today free money, so that, even with such an opportunity, they buy a lot of dollars still would not have said this Grodno entrepreneur. Incidentally, he is closely monitoring the situation in the foreign exchange market:

"The tension in the sense that you have to go for the goods — and the currency is not, and people roam around the city to buy something somewhere. However, while the euro missing. Merchants hard today, trading almost stopped. Therefore, there is no money to create such a big fuss. More: machines now buy, borrow, buy up dollars. circle is closed, for short. But the interesting point: today, as we know, the Belarusian officials rushed back to Moscow asking for dollars. When will receive credits, billions of these, then, Maybe the situation is normalized for a month or two And then back again all we know the reason. "

Expert "Freedom", "created a powerful mass imbalance ruble and hard currency"

Belarusian economist Leonid Zaika said:

"The current government a lot of rubles paid to the presidential election and also at the beginning of 2011. Plus, this was not a very clever speech about the rise in price of used cars. This also

The current authorities are so many rubles paid to the presidential election and also in early 2011

due to the current situation.

Now the National Bank decided not to take on the full responsibility, and to translate it and to commercial banks. They need to buy foreign currency on the stock exchanges, as well as other banks. Therefore, even under the clearing rate is being calculated on the value of the dollar 3600 rubles.

The situation is developing in the wrong direction. On this time already require clarification president about how the situation will be corrected. It is necessary to explain what the current situation is not caused by excessive demand for foreign currency, and is the result of ill-conceived economic policies. "

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