Quite a hidden tank showed its face

We already knew of the development in China of a light tank for fighting in the mountainous criteria. In contrast to the Russian Federation, the Chinese military did not seek to create a unified platform, they design techniques for specific tasks.

Top Secret tank showed his "face"

Because for the Marine Corps created its own light tank with a focus on improved properties of movement by sea, and for the parts which are in the mountains, creates a very different battle machine. Not so long ago, it became clear to develop more of the 1st tank for Airborne.

As for actually "mountain of the tank", the experts say that it should change the hopelessly outdated Type 62, which is lightweight, and lightweight version of the clone Russian T-54 with the introduction of technologies that are applied even in the famous T-34.

Top Secret tank showed his "face"

On the few photographic materials, which were located on the web, it was obvious that the tank shestiopornoe chassis with 3 supporting rollers equipped with adjustable hydropneumatic suspension. Tank essentially "bottom lies" at the railway platform. Experts have expressed the view that such an adjustment suspension much needed in the mountainous criteria, it will greatly enhance the mobility and survivability of the tank, even in battle.

In developing its own battle Chinese machine took into account the experience of the Japanese and the Koreans — in countries with a more mountainous regions of the tanks have long been equipped with such controlled suspension.

Experts also pointed out that the photo displayed on the network, it was noticeable that the tank perfectly nestled Tower. And it was assumed that the car is the commander's panoramic sight. Not excluded that in the development of the fire control system was used to experience the creation of the new tank MSA Type 99A2. Caliber gun was estimated at 105 mm.

Top Secret tank showed his "face"

New albeit disgusting photo properties confirmed the correctness of our professionals. In addition, the photo shows that the tower is protected modular booking. Judging by the fact that the Chinese began to carry their tanks already fully without masking them, says that in the near future this tank will be on the assembly and start the flow of their bulk buying.

Speaking of his own desire to do "mountain tank"And place these machines in the border areas with China, India has stated many times, but so far they say the Hindus and wasting money on useless projects is like" Arjun ", the Chinese are rapidly modernizing their tank armies.

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