Rats were brought tourists captured the Italian island of Montecristo

Rats were brought tourists captured the Italian island of MontecristoBlack rats, which probably arrived on the island of Montecristo in Tuscany for tourist vessels, multiplied, so that now every square meter, there is one rodent, according to the Italian edition of the Corriere della Sera.

The famous island of Montecristo, described in the novel by Dumas, an area of 10 square kilometers, is virtually uninhabited. He lived only a caretaker and his family, but there are attractions that draw tourists villa of the 18th century, the ruins of an ancient monastery and the cave of St. Mamilyano — Archbishop of Palermo.

The article suggests that the rats came to the island from the ship, which gave the tourists. Such an invasion of rodents, which are incredibly fruitful, causing serious damage to the ecological system of the Montecristo, which is a protected area, where it is forbidden even to bathe. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture of Tuscany, with the support of the European Union in January to begin destroying rodents. Toxic granules, totaling 26 tons, are planning to spray from the air by aircraft.

Against antikrysinoy shares have made environmentalists. They fear that toxic substances will harm the local fauna, including marine.

Director Frank Dzanikelli Reserve says that work on the destruction of rodents will be conducted with the utmost care. According to her, the same method has been used successfully on the island of Sardinia.

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