Reactions to the verdict Dashkevich and head


Human rights activists, community leaders, politicians and relatives of prisoners commented harsh sentence to Young Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau.

Dashkevich — 2 years of general regime. Lobov — 4 years of intensive regime

Anastasia Palazhanka: During an attack on them, they still need to be punished

Anastasia Palazhanka

One of the leaders of the registered in the Czech Republic "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka itself is now under house arrest. Here's what she says about the verdict associates-Malady:

"Certainly, I believe this absurd sentence. Since the process was open, anyone who had the desire, could not quite see that the process of shit white threads that deal deceitful that witnesses confirm everything that our guys are saying — they were kept, that they were beaten, they did not give up. turns out that for an attack on them, they still have to be punished. course, bitterly of this whole situation, but I hope that the guys are going to be released much earlier. I believe in it, and we will for this to work. "

Tatiana Shaputska: I am particularly worried about Eduard Lobau

Tatiana Shaputska

One of the leaders of the "Young Front" Tatiana Shaputska says that for her sentences Dashkevich windscreen and served unexpectedly stiff:

"When a prosecutor said yesterday about retraining article in a softer, we expect that this will be an indication that the guys can let go or give some sort of" chemistry ", but not the conclusion. And so today's sentences are very disappointed us and I think the guys. Especially I worry about Eduard Lobau — he is much younger than Dmitri, was never in prison, and he at once — such a strict sentence. But I believe that Edward inspiration from Dmitri, his last sentence. And they will soon be not broken, but just as strong, they are now ".

Maria Savushkina: In prison, others have to sit

Human rights activist and journalist Maria Savushkina followed the process over Dashkevich and Lobau two days.

"I am outraged by injustice. Those who should be in prison, they are now on the loose. And those who love their homeland, who are fighting for freedom, who are honest, jailed.'s Not fair. But I think that soon everything will change."

Anna Shaputska: These sacrifices will not be in vain

Mother activist of "Young Front" by Tatiana Shaputska Anna after the verdict Dashkevich and head out of the courtroom in tears:

"Never put guys … I understand that this sacrifice for the sake of our future, for our freedom, and that they will not be in vain. Every day we walk around the Red Church to pray for our political prisoners. I know what a fascist system, we are struggling with it … But every time you can not accept that because people wrongly jailed. This is a mockery of justice and a mockery of the Belarusians. "

Pastor Bokun: Responsible for injustice awaits a fiery hell

Antony Bokun, pastor of the Protestant Church, "John the Baptist", to which the Dashkevich. Pastor is convinced that he believes could hit someone, especially in an environment that was December 18, 2010.

Verdict to Dashkevich Pastor Bokun called "absolute injustice":

"Injustice is punished in two ways. Firstly, in this life, and secondly, to eternal life. The man who does injustice, he brings a curse in my life and in the lives of their relatives. General, where injustice occurs, there comes the judgment of God. Secondly, those people who do injustice, as Jesus said, waiting for hell fire. "


Yuri Yaubovski: "I am proud of my son '

Yuri Jakubowski, Marina Lobova

Stepfather convicted Eduard Lobau Yuri Jakubowski said that the family has always supported her son and his beliefs:

"We were completely in agreement with all other opposition activists. Ta willfulness, which is going on in Belarus, is unacceptable. I'm proud of my son, and now we have the support and from our friends and from neighbors."

Mr. Jakubowski said that an unjust verdict came as a surprise for them:

"Edward is not the first, all have been waiting for. It is not surprising. All of this was evident from the outset that the verdict would be. All this is nothing but a political reprisal — rejected all petitions did not want to listen to anyone."

The so-called victim Yuri Jakubowski would say the following:

"Will they have to live with it all my life. Suppose if they choose this path, let them go. But as they watch their children in the eye?".

Vyacheslav Dashkevich: "My son — a deeply religious man"

Vyacheslav Dashkievich

The fact that the judge Elena Shilko "gave" Vyacheslav Dashkevich one year less than the prosecutor demanded the father of political prisoner Dashkevich Vyacheslav assessed positively:

"The year also means a lot. Means that the judge finally woke up some modicum of conscience. But two years — a lot. Besides, nothing. Was not enough for them that my son was a political prisoner, they wanted to make him a criminal. Which of his criminal and a bully? He would not hurt a fly, he is a deeply religious man, and the beating, according to the Bible — a great sin. He can not lift a hand to anyone, except in defense. "

Marina Lobova: expect to pressure the European Union

Marina Lobova

Mother Eduard Lobau Marina after a hard sentence to her son said that first of all hopes for the support of the international community.

"I hope to help the European Union that it will make any impact and reason with our power, and in the end all political prisoners are released, including my son."

The sentence for her son — 4 years in prison medium security — was a severe blow for him, convinced Marina Lobova:

"He is, in spite of everything, hoping that our court will issue a fair verdict is that if a person is not guilty, the court will protect him. And until recently, he was hoping that he would convey his innocence in court … In this process, no one has proved that he made a stroke or other illegal activities. evidence was not only the words were so-called victims, on the basis of which the sentence has been imposed. "

Human rights activist Lyudmila Graznova: Working out of himself

Lyudmila Graznova

"This is not a sentence, it is not a court, it is not justice, and a political order, and it is not clear whose … Because I think that in our country for someone else makes such a dark thing. This, of course, intimidation society, intimidation of civil society, ordinary people. This is just evidence that the regime is losing confidence, he loses the foundation on which stands, he lo
ses his temper. And I believe this is the beginning of the end. "

Human rights activist Vladimir Labkovich are political repression in the presence of the court in the country dependent

Vladimir Labkovich

"Clearly, although this case and stands apart from the cases on December 19, here we also see the political persecution, as in the cases of those who pass by the" riots. "What we have seen and heard in court, does not prove guilt Dashkevycha and Lobau. Obviously, they were victims of provocation that has been made in relation to them on December 18. Concerning them intelligence applied his classic tactic, and was an attempt to preventive detention in order to prevent their participation in a peaceful protest on the 19th. And then decided to reformulate and to "invent" a criminal case, which in fact was not, and that's how to punish these young activists, which, of course, causes the condemnation. emphasize again: it is the presence of political repression in the country dependent Court, which is just one of the chains of repression. "

Stefanovic: this is due to the events of December 19

Valentin Stefanovich

Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich said the verdict was Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau political. According to Stefanovic, the incident can not be divorced from the events of December 19.

"Dashkevycha tried to stop before the 19th several times. Obviously, the authorities have used a variety of methods for its preventive isolation. Means used here is very similar to what was done for Ales Pushkin. Been sent were some vague entity, provoked a fight. And then the Young were immediately detained by police. So it was not done by accident and for those ears stick out our special services. This is estimated by us as a political matter. Definitely. This is a provocation that was instsyyanavanaya against Dashkevich, as they feared that he Young Front activists will take an active part in the events of December 19. "

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