Realized by three

Realized by three

In the summer of 2008, the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan has invited the head of the country, the military attaches of different countries, Defense Minister, journalists and conducted a model demonstration exercises with live fire. With unholy pride audience was presented samples of modern Kazakh artvooruzheniya — Artillery system "Semser" multiple rocket launcher "Naiza" mobile mortar "Aibat."

All the participants have worked to assure that the exhibited contemporary standards of military equipment — just a new word in the military engineering that now Kazakhstan walk-in customers will be an unlimited number of countries, including Russia. As proof of this circle all rattled, and the firmament shrouded by smoke of countless explosions of shells.

But on closer acquaintance with the representation of the reference arms is natural that it is only improved versions of Russian weapons. "Semser" is a modernized Russian analogue howitzer D-30, set on the chassis "KamAZ". The gun is equipped with an automatic loading system and is shooting precision missiles. This allows you to conserve ammo and increases the rate of fire. One "Semser" best knowledge of the developers is able to change the battery, consisting of six Russian howitzers.

Realized by three

Mobile mortar "Aibat" is a prototype of an improved 120-mm mortar battalion, who was standing by Soviet army. It is equipped with automatic and is mounted on the chassis of an armored truck, crawler. Allows for the firing of mortar with the highest rate of 6-7 rounds per minute.

Note that, according to media reports, the development of these weapons was conducted with the participation of Israeli companies Soltam professionals and Elbit. Thanks made automatic control system was able to connect the system "Semser" and "Aibat," as a recent rocket launcher "Naiza." For reconnaissance and target designation for the benefit of artillery units used drones Orbiter Israeli production.

Realized by three

Naturally, the database venture lay generous idea of equipping the armed forces of Kazakhstan with modern systems of artillery and missile systems operating on the basis of electrical guidance. In other words — the usual gun decided to reincarnate into a modern computer controlled using high-precision instrument.

Analogs of this instrument in the world a huge number — are engaged in virtually all developed countries. Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defense was pretty trivial to say the competition — and from all over the world came running to experts with suggestions to improve the weapons.

But it so happened that at the 1st Vice-Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan, Lieutenant General Kazhimurty Mayermanov specifically at this time to announce a long-time friend — or somehow they served together, or were classmates. And this one had close contact with the Israeli state by IMI. In the end, despite the variety of choice of other candidates in the Kazakh military was not there. With a light hand of the top military bureaucrat was held contrived purchase from 1 supplier. Kazakhstan's Law authorizes it. But in this particular embodiment, it would be reasonable to say that it is made very carelessly, as provided in the field of Israelis are not completely recognized global favorites. But who is worried about such trifles, when seen two davneshnih other — one deputy big country and other merchant!

In the end, so cramped cooperation between the military and the entrepreneur Kazakh military got at the disposal of armament, which, according to the 1st of secret KB was not upgraded, but quite the opposite. Because the upgrade involves the improvement of the technical features of the product, and then came the deterioration of the main characteristics.

For example, reactive rocket launcher "Naiza" generally very unsafe for combat crew. Namely, the jet stream from the fired missiles will fall into car platform on which the system is based, as in the cabin where soldiers take cover. To spite of the assertions of generals, missiles "Twister" and "Typhoon", this setting is generally not able to start, because it just rolls over.

A similar situation with artillery systems "Semser" and "Aibat." In the first chassis of the machine on which the howitzer D-30, even visually apparent overloaded. In the second then conduct demonstration firings occurred deformation of the bottom hull crawler tractor. By the most conservative estimates, for all this military pleasure Kazakhstan posted more than 190 million dollars. And the most annoying is that all three of the indicated weapon system, named Kazakh names, to present as a product of the Kazakh government, the development and construction of which have been paid from the funds of Kazakhstan Taxpayers are legally the property of Kazakhstan are not. The contract simply stuffed pt, which forbid Kazakhstan without the help of others to dispose of both the military equipment and constructional practices on its creation.


Over 14 billion tenge to pay the government convicted in a scandalous case of the purchase of Israeli weapons. Another 20 people, one way or another involved in the transaction, the co-payments in the budget of an estimated 3 million tenge. This decision was handed down on December 13 Military Tribunal Akmola garrison.

A claim for compensation of material damage to the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan initiated after a long term of imprisonment sentenced General Kazhmurat Mayermanov, businessman Boris Sheinkman of Israel, and a senior officer of the Ministry of Defence Edil Zhartynova, reports CTC.

Speaking in court on Mon, Defense Ministry spokesman Abu country Nurken said that the Defense Ministry has filed claims against 23 defendants m cases of recovery from the damage they caused to the state of $ 14,260 billion. tenge.

Approximately the same amount lost as a result of the country's budget for the purchase of some strange deal in Israel multiple rocket launchers "Semser", "Naiza" and "Aibat." In order to make a decision on this claim, the court came in handy for a number of days. The process began last Friday and over the weekend the tribunal had time to study reasons sides, weigh the "pros" and "cons", to say the decision.

As reported by "Interfax-Kazakhstan", the court decision the principal amount of the claim — 14 billion tenge — must pay three main person involved in the case: former deputy defense minister Kazhimurat Maermanov, an Israeli citizen Boris Sheinkman and temporarily acting commander of the missile troops and artillery of the armed forces of Kazakhstan Edil Zhartynov.

Lawyers convicted for all this at once said that to pay such an amount their clients simply fail. Even if it is very zahochut.

— Practically it is a fiction — said the
lawyer Kazhmurat Mayermanov Mustahil Tula. — Since no citizen, even though if it is the coolest entrepreneur if he is not a billionaire, of course, let's say, how our oligarchs Machkevich, Patokh Shadiev, etc., they would be able to compensate. But Maermanov, Zhartynov are not.

— After the entry of the decision in a legitimate court officers outline a force all of the assets of convicted persons and if they make a conclusion that the defendants insolvent debtors, the creation of an executive is terminated and placed on this point. The Israeli side has in this case from any exempt property claims — and the Ministry of Defense, and our government automatically deprived of the legal basis for the implementation of the rules of restitution. In other words, return the defective weapons back to Israel and the return of the money spent — said M.Tuleev, adding to the joke that maybe B. Sheykman "will be patron of the arts, will pay for itself, and Mayermanov Zhartynova and then everything will be okay."

Together with that, according to the judge, all other defendants in the lawsuit "should bear the real responsibility on the basis of Article 66 of the Labor Code, within the boundaries of their own average monthly salary, since they do not enter into a written contract for the acceptance of full responsibility of the real." The court of their income will be levied in the country from 80 thousand to 190 thousand tenge each.

Army battalions multiple rocket launchers "Naiza", "Aibat" and "Semser" had become the flagship Russian precision artillery. But experts have concluded that Israel purchased equipment to be used is not applicable. Despite this, the Found armament participated in shooting practice, in a military parade and looked at all of this completely sinister.

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