Recommendations of the starting firecrackers included weather in Beijing

The weather in Beijing add information about whether it is possible to let the residents of the Chinese capital fireworks and fireworks, a city government initiative designed to ensure clean air during the celebration of the new year on the lunar calendar.

Spring Festival (chuntsze) celebrated this year on the night of February 10. Its fixture is launching firecrackers and fireworks to scare off evil spirits and simply add a festive atmosphere residents China. However, this year the government and people thinking about whether to maintain this tradition due to the fact that the air in Beijing and so very dirty.

The previous record was in January "dirty" month on record. According to the Beijing meteorological monitoring services, the average level of fine particulate matter (PM 2,5) in the metropolitan air in January by 30% over last year. In this New Year's Eve because of fireworks and firecrackers index PM 2,5 traditionally increases many times. So, according to last year, in the first hours after the onset of the Year of the Dragon content of fine particulate matter in the air capital skyrocketed to nearly 1.6 thousand micrograms per cubic meter, exceeding the rate of more than 60 times.

In order to avoid a significant deterioration of the environmental situation in the coming days of the holiday, Beijing Meteorological Bureau, Tuesday began publishing in his blog about the possibility of launching fireworks. "Through scientific calculations generated daily weather to launch fireworks in urban areas," — said in a statement on its website. In forecasting experts take into account such factors as temperature, humidity, wind strength and direction, and the current air quality. Prediction that people can find the blog Office or by telephone "hot line" offers three is acceptable weather for launch fireworks, "favorable," "not very favorable" or "not favorable." So, on Wednesday due to strong winds metropolitan environmentalists suggest rejecting the fireworks because of the strong winds and the possibility of fire.

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