«Reynmetal» demonstrated a new anti-aircraft gun

Company «Reynmetal DEFENSE» (Rheinmetall Defence) showed the latest anti-aircraft gun «Oerlikon Revolver» (Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk 2).
Demonstration was accomplished at the site of Oshenboden (Ochsenboden) in Switzerland.

As said, the weekly «Jane’s Defence Weekly,» gun Mk 2 is a remote-controlled anti-aircraft guns (ZU) caliber 35 mm, made by «Reynmetal» in the period 1992-2012 gg. based storage options Revolver Gun Mk 1 based on the experience gained in the development of anti-aircraft missile system C-RAM (Counter Rockets, Artillery and Mortar), created for protection of objects and units of the armed forces from defeat rockets, mortar shells and ammunition.

Memory Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk 2 is designed primarily for export. According to representatives from the disk imaging development company, «Reynmetal» already has a contract from the first customer of the Asian region.

System Mk 2 is a layout that is currently being passed qualification tests, which began in February and will be completed in June this year.

Memory has a full-time rate of 200 rounds per minute, but can lead to fire mode inflated rate of 1000 rounds / min. Shared memory is 252 ammunition shells. Typical turn when firing at 18 rounds. Such memory can shoot bursts 14 times, before it will need recharging, which takes 8 minutes and osuschestvvlyaetsya with 2 soldiers.

Unlike the Mk 1 Revolver Gun, which is a memory with manual control, Mk 2 is a system with remote control, which can be integrated into the network management system and receive commands over a network Ethernet/FO/DT60.

Memory in normal version will be deployed as part of the air defense battery, consisting of one radar and 2-guns, although the 1st remote control can control up to 8 guns. The system has a power supply of 10 12-volt batteries, which provide the highest power output of 80 kW (compared with the energy supply system of the tank «Leopard 2» 7 kW). Battery powered guns enough for a day or the 1st or the 1st full flow of ammunition, for all that it is possible to recharge them.

Memory Mk 2 has a mass of 4.15 m without ammunition and gun with 4.6 tons. It is a little heavier weight version Mk 1 3.6 m due to the presence of more massive source of energy and different assistive devices.

Memory simply transported on standard platforms, has gidroplatformu that is not asking strictly leveling system being installed at the position.

Another distinctive feature is the use of the latest memory programmable ammunition detonated in the air. The system implements development, allowing measurement of the muzzle velocity of the projectile and programmed it to undermine at a certain distance. This procedure takes 50 microseconds to the time when the projectile exits the gun barrel.

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