River Monsters / River Monsters / Season 5 Watch online

River Monsters / River Monsters / Season 5 Watch online
On the border of the United States and Canada, he will be asking local residents about the mysterious freshwater Ghoul, and then try to catch it. In Kolubmii it will check how truthful story about his wife, that during the honeymoon on Amazon drowned unknown creature. One of the issues will be devoted to the legend, which is a couple of years back haunted the mystics of the world — is a question of Nessie, the most eminent freshwater monster.

Series 1 — The torpedo-killer

Fisherman-ekstremal Jeremiah Wade push off into the wilds of Central America in search of the killer which, as they say, jumps into the boat and inflicts mortal wounds. Will the he of success?

Series 2 — Ghouls of the abyss

Fisherman-ekstremal Jeremiah starting the big hunt in the north-west coast of the U.S. for the old river monster which welling up from the depths and storms swimmers.

Animals of the underwater world

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