«Rosoboronexport» at the Salon «Integrated Security»

The company will show more than 100 new technical means of counterterrorism

«Rosoboronexport» will showcase more than 100 funds in the international anti-terror salon «Integrated Security». The company will show the special standards of modern technical facilities, equipment and military and dual-purpose.
One of the main locations in the exhibition take weapons, outfitting and equipping forces for special purposes. At first this small gun, close combat weapon, different types of ammunition, funds for assault operations and disposal of explosives.
«Rosoboronexport» present standards Russian special weapons in demand in today’s market: sub-machine guns PP-2000 and «Hero», the AU special machines and CP-3, sniper rifles and OSV-96 BCC, CP-1 gun, grenade launcher GM-94 automatic grenade launcher AGS-30.
On board of the company will show the layout silent 82-mm mortar 2B25. Weight guns is only 13 kg, with all this, it makes it very discreetly and at one point hit manpower at a range of 100 to 1200 m
When fired, the shank mines locks powder gases, this is no smoke, no sonorous noise, no flame, no shock wave.
The exhibition will also feature models with a submachine gun «Cedar», AK-101 and firearms training SKATT.
In addition, the exhibition will see the armored cars «Tiger» and BTR-80A. These machines are well known in the world and are now in high demand from overseas customers.
Namely, the «Tiger» with reinforced armor, which is operated in special divisions of Uruguay, who plans to buy an additional batch of these machines.
On the «Integrated Security» «Rosoboronexport» Russian helicopters will show that apart from military tasks may be used in the liquidation of natural disasters and man-made disasters — it is multipurpose Ka-226T and «ANSAT» heavy transport helicopter Mi-26T2 and extensively vserasprostranennye helicopters Mi- 17.
«Rosoboronexport» has the official status of the exclusive municipal intermediary entitled to supply the world market the full range authorized for export of arms and military equipment produced by enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia. Municipal company «Russian Technologies» has a 100% stake in OAO «Rosoboronexport».

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