Rosrybolovstvo can quickly limit the catches during the fishing season

Rosrybolovstvo may be entitled to make decisions quickly to limit catches during the fishing season, based on the recommendation of research organizations and gosmonitoringa — the amendments to the federal law on fisheries and conservation of marine biological resources developed the Ministry of Agriculture.

"The adoption of the bill will ensure the effectiveness of conservation and management of living aquatic resources and to improve fisheries management," — said in an explanatory note to the draft published on the ministry website for regulatory impact assessment.

In particular, Rosrybolovstvo may be entitled to promptly ban fishing in certain areas of individual species catch limit periods for different groups of vessels with different capacity and size, as well as the time to ships at sea, industrial and coastal fisheries.

These restrictions apply only to activities related to the harvest (catch) of water, and do not relate to production and yield in the research and control purposes.

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