Running a virtual clinic for training doctors

"First Med" (First MGMU IMSechenova) launched the project "Virtual University Clinic" in the federal state educational standards of the third generation. 

A new concept of simulation education institutions implemented by the example of endoscopic surgery and provides multi-stage and multi-level training and certification of providers, from 3D-imaging operations (mining in virtual simulations) through trainers' live endoscopy "in native tissues (operations on experimental animals) before admission to the operating room to the patient. At all stages of the preparation provided by the presence of a virtual consultant telementora mode.

A similar clinic will not only make surgery safer for the patient, but also to reduce the time of processing of certain skills. Virtual Clinic provides access to necessary counseling and educational assistance, training, retraining and certification in all regions of the country.  

The educational project "First of Honey" was presented at the First National Congress of Russian doctors. This proposed project plan to implement the program of simulation training in medical educational institutions of Russia.

"Virtual Clinic" gives an example of endoscopic surgery program has a multi-stage and multi-level training and certification of physicians. At all steps of the preparation is present a virtual advisor — telementor. The steps for the preparation and certification of physicians — a three-dimensional visualization of operations — work in virtual stimulants and endoscopy simulators ("live" on fabric) — operations on laboratory animals — the admission of the patient to the operating room.

Such a program "Virtual Clinic" provides the ability to access for some necessary advice and educational information for training or certification.

On the basis of the "Virtual University Hospital" in MGMU IMSechenova created endoscopic surgery training center with room for experimental animals (vivarium).

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