Russian «Ash» has overtaken U.S. submarines in the number of missiles


For rocket guns used 24 vertical launchers
Nuclear submarines (NPS) Project 877 «Ash» have on board a lot more cruise missiles than their South American counterparts such as «Virginia» and «Los Angeles», said the radio station «Echo of Moscow» CEO of the St. Petersburg Maritime Bureau Engineering «Malachite» Vladimir Dorofeev.
We recall that the project head submarine «Severodvinsk» (4th generation submarine) was transferred into trial operation December 30, 2013. On it for the first time in the practice of the Russian shipbuilding torpedo not placed in the nose, and a compartment for the central station, which allowed to locate the dimensional bow sonar antenna. For rocket guns used 24 vertical launchers.
Vladimir Dorofeyev said head multipurpose nuclear submarine «Severodvinsk» Project 885 «Ash», as well as other boats of this project, have two functions: the fight against surface ships and submarines, and ground targets. These puzzles are solved using cruise missiles.
Project 877 submarines will be only one other boat will be upgraded project. Built «Kazan», «Novosibirsk». This year laid the third serial ship and the next will be laid as this year, said Vladimir Dorofeev.
Trial operation «Severodvinsk», apparently, could end in late 2015, because the whole set of tests on this boat absolutely executed closing act signed test, the boat entered into trial operation Navy. She was left at the factory, because the channel is in a white sea ice until closed. But after the ice conditions improve, the boat will be released into the sea and begin to perform tasks for the benefit of the Northern Fleet. Only then «Severodvinsk» can be taken to combat the Navy.
Submerged speed «Severodvinsk» on the project documentation — more than 30 knots, the maximum depth — 600 m Endurance — 100 days, the crew — 90 people, 32 of them — officers. According to Interfax, the price of the submarine «Severodvinsk» Ministry of Defence cost about 47 billion rubles.

Vladimir Gundarov

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