Russian childhood

Soviet childhood

Childhood — raschudesno time in the life of every person. And as adults, we remember not only the poor of childhood. This does not mean that there was a hideous childhood completely. Were children and their disaster and disorder, and bitter resentment. It was all, but …

But there was more. Other-what words can not explain. It must feel. And now I try to tell your kids about your own childhood. On their own country. Although in general, why his childhood and of his own country? I try to tell us about our childhood and of our country. About Russian childhood and Russian country.

I try to wrap all at once. And I can not find the words. How to explain to them our childhood? Im not lived nor the 1st day or in the country of the USSR. In order to explain it, you feel you need to live like us. How to do it? If the split is not only Russia, split our memory, our life is broken. Broken down into small pieces. And here I am trying to collect these pieces. Collect them, so my kids could understand and feel the Russian childhood, the Soviet homeland.

What is the first I remember when I think about my childhood? In memory appears autumn day. Outside, the rain. I look out the window of a tram on hurrying about their business people under the transparent umbrellas. And for some reason remains forever in the memory of that rainy day. Kindergarten. Our tutors. Fish in an aquarium, a turtle and two parrots. Mornings, which my mother always sewed costumes herself. The most highly anticipated Christmas party. Dressed Christmas tree and Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. And of course gifts. Not counting the candy you could get in a toy Santa Claus telling verse. And I've always hesitated to go beyond this gift, despite the mother's entreaties, Borscht and semolina, which were always tastes better than home. Quiet time, which now and then converted to "slaughter" was worth someone to throw one pillow. And the magical phrase mother: "You do zaberesh to sleep? '. And pride when this happened. If not, do not miss. In the evening we go home with a neighbor Zhenya. Output, Sunday. Day — "Alarm" and "Around the world". And then …

How many were later. Full yard boys of different ages. And we are always, everywhere together. Swing and classic autumn and spring. Cops and robbers, and Clip. In winter, it was necessary to take the time (it gets dark early in the Arctic). Snowballs and sledding. A skating rink! Rink, in which the time flew by unnoticed. And now we're going home. Darkly. It's too late — and probably get home. But there is always a way out. Rolling in the snow, feel free to knock on the door (operated flawlessly). Mother litsezrev "yeti", hand brush and broom, blamed for the appearance, but about the late arrival of a word. New Year has always been a HAPPY NEW YEAR. It was prazdnichek. The mood did not vanish even after the attacks the Kremlin chimes. Dressed Christmas tree and presents. Full house guests. After 12 years my mother's co-workers come. And the songs under the accordion. People sang songs. After all, when people sing songs? People sing when they are happy.

Kindergarten ends with the release of the samovar tea drinking and dancing with his mother. The sadness of parting. Yet the future is unknown school scares. After all, we go to school together, too.

In our school, along sadikovskoy group. So familiar is the first in all classes. 1st 1st September, grayish sky and rain. We have first-graders a little subdued from spacious classrooms and unfamiliar first teacher. But together we are going to school in the afternoon. After all, only the first graders from our house there were eight people. And in the afternoon we run into a flock of school and after school … After school run for half an hour in the garden for our teachers. And, proud, showing off in front of children, who are now hosted in our group.

How much free time … it just fits within the most free time. Skates. Hiking on skis. Jogging at the stadium. Sports section in volleyball and circle myagenkoy toys. And the street. And the book. Read books constantly. While reading, you do not hear mom who yells for you almost in his ear, and you can not hear. Book World grabs you one hundred percent. The heroes of Jules Verne, Jack London and Mayne Reid. Heroes invented and true. You were with them. You equated to them. Gadfly, Sanka Grigoriev, Alexei Maresiev, Zina Portnov and other book heroes and true, but strong and courageous.

How beautiful film was shot for us. "The Adventures of Electronics", "Guest from the Future", "Dunno from our yard," "Mama" and "The Adventures of Pinocchio", "dot, dot, comma", "Red, honest love," "Mary Poppins, Goodbye." .. As a child, I watched these films and did not understand or did not think more precisely, what is the secret of these movies. After all, I watch them and now as an adult: a sense that I'm a child does not pass. And just for the moment, I understand that in films laid the soul of each of their creators. Each has brought a part of themselves, and actor, director, and composer. And after many years, particularly the music of these films more accurately conveys the atmosphere of our youth.

Music of our youth. Earlier, listening to songs and music, I never really thought about the people who wrote it. And now, for me, an adult, the names of these people are important. People who allow me to be a man now. Allow me now to be a child. Being an adult and a child at once. Thanks to these movies and songs from their I believe in wizards. I believe in magic.

And if young people have the music, it must be such as to Russian films for children. Music, which soar, soar. Music with which you believe. Music with which you live.

"Mary Poppins, Goodbye." Music Maxim Dunayevskiy words of Nahum Olev. Magic song "Bad weather", "Lady Perfection", "Color Dreams". "Happy is he happy is he in whom childhood is."

"Peter Pan." Music by Igor Yefremov, the words of Leonid Derbeneva. "It is not casual, of course, is not casual days stream so bright and swift. Do not rush, take your time, kids, grow up. Let slow down aging parents. " "We can not forget that time light, which is a shame it did not sound, is not given back. And young people do not last, and in the past there is no youth. And, perhaps, in this way it is infinitely happy. "

"The Adventures of Electronics" … Music Eugene Krylatov, the words of Yuri Entin. "In the month of April the young in the ancient park of the snow is melting, and joyous start to swing own run. Forgotten by all the world's heart sank in his chest, the sky, the wind, just in front of satisfaction. " "But you — man, You and strong and bold, with their hands the fate of his do, go against the wind, the site does not stop, usvoy, there is no easy road. "

"The magic voice Gelsomino" … The music of Igor Yefremov, the words Misha Tanich and Leonid Derbeneva. "There need my sonorous voice, that he would wake them. I will try so that they hear sing: People, wake up! Where is your pride? The strength of ordinary people? People, wake up, listen to my song! ". "As long as writes Dzhakomon lie on the banners, people our, people our divided into guards and prisoners. "

"Red, diligent, love&qu
ot; … The music of Igor Yefremov, the words ZHoru Polonsky. "Dear mother, do not be angry offspring: it has something, but not self-indulgence, is lurking in the offspring or even orange color of the sun, the sun itself." "Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I — Fool. Maybe in these matters, I am quite a novice. Maybe it's all laugh at my opinion, but I'm tired of lies. "

"Point, point, comma" … Music Gennady Gladkov, words by J. Kim. "Point, point, comma — got a funny little face. Arms, legs, ogurechik — there man. " "What do you? This principle, that he grew a brave, that could find their way, to calculate the run. It's hard, it's difficult, but on another unreal — the only way of man will come man"…

"Three Fat Men", "You can not dream", "Arrows of Robin Hood," "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "FINIST — Bright Falcon", "Hundred Days After Childhood," "The key is non-transferable," "We'll Live Till Monday" "Drawing", "Children of Captain Grant", "The Elusive Avengers", "The Fourth Height," and of course "The Guest from the Future." And a lot of others. Motion picture taken for the education of the kids, for the education of a real person. We shot for Russian children.

A huge number of people have done for Russian kids childhood. Russian composers, writers, poets, actors, teachers, counselors, and our ancestors have been doing our childhood. They built the foundation of our lives. They laid the first bricks in that foundation. Laid the most important thing that makes a man a real man. We, the Russian children, believed in the goodness and justice. We, the Russian children, believed in the man and trusted people. We, the Russian kids, believe in love and friendship. We, the Russian kids, respect the work and the working man. We, the Russian kids do not determine your life means, and a wealth of knowledge and considered friends. We read and studied. We aim for the stars, and wished the feat.

Thank composers whose music helps to be human. Boris Alexandrov, Eduard Artemyev, Vladimir Bystryakov, Moses Weinberg, Grigory Gladkov, Gennady Gladkov, Eugene Doga, Isaac Dunaevskii, Alexander Zatsepin, Michael Ziv, Edward Kolmanovskii, Eugene Krylatov, Vladimir Lvov, Kirill Molchanov, Boris Mokrousov, Sergei Nikitin, Polad -Bul oglu, Raimonds Pauls, Alexander Pakhmutova, Andrei Petrov, Stanislav Pozhlakov, Michael Tariverdiev, David Tukhmanov, Jora Firtich, Yan Frenkel, Alexander Flyarkovsky, Edward Hanok, Tikhon Khrennikov, Igor Plants, Yuri Chichkov, Vladimir Shainskiy, Isaac Schwartz, Vladimir Yurovsky, thank you!

Thanks to poets, poems which help to live. Leonid Derbenyov, Alex Didurov, Nicholas Dorizo, Julia Drunina, Boris Zakhoder, Sergei Kozlov, Vasily Lebedev-Kumach, Matusovsky Misha, Misha Nozhkin, Grigory Oster, Michael Plyatskovsky, Ilya Reznik, Robert Rozhdestvensky, David Samoilov, Henry Sapgir, Misha Tanich, Eduard Uspensky, Yefim Chepovetsky, Alex Fatianov, thank you!

And now my children I try to tell words about his childhood, about his own country, the Soviet Union. What do they know about the country of the USSR? "Totalitarian state", "repression", "egalitarianism", etc. This is a standard word-horror that sound from the TV screens, but there are other words. And I try to explain how I lived, and felt that if I feel at the moment. Often, there are no words, and I give them to read books, to include Russian cartoons and movies, turn on the music and songs. After all, it is impossible to tell, it must be felt. Skip through the heart and the soul. Learning to be different.

Learn to be different. Learn to be human. Man of the future. After all, the Soviet Union was a nation state with a new order. With the new systems, up to 1917 unknown. There was not a single country in the world, lived in such systems. For the first time in the history of mankind people began to build a just society on earth. For the first time there were people who believed that it can be. And for the first time these singles have raised millions. Millions who believed in the words, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." For the first time people could be better, more honest, more courageous and more conscious. The first time they were able to do so much for the rather short 70 years. For the first time in such a small period passed from the plow to nuclear weapons. For the first time we have changed.

Russian kids were taught to be good, honest, courageous, decisive. We have been taught to think. We were taught to work. We were taught to learn. We were taught to strive for. We were taught to dream.

We were not taught to adapt. We were not taught to impale. And most importantly — we are not taught is intolerable. We have never had a double standard. Do what we have been taught, is not at odds with life. We were not taught to be scoundrels. We were not taught to be traitors. We were not taught to sell and sell.

In the USSR, we were taught to master — to be human. Russian Union needed was people with big bukovkoy. Needed the workers and collective farmers. Required teachers and engineers. Were needed scientists and inventors. Were required composers and poets. Needed were people honest and decent. Needed were people open and bold. Needed were people who believe. Needed the people are conscious. Were needed creative people, educated and hard-working. And most importantly — the people themselves were needed! Since this country was a state-MEN, and for the people! "

Now that the constant bustle of suffocating when discouraged from hopelessness when chahnesh of heresy, when you feel that you are killed for faith in goodness, in justice and faith in man, I include Russian films. And they help me survive. They help to die my faith in the goodness and justice. They help to die my faith in man.

And now I'm staying man still believe that. I believe in good. I believe in love and friendship. I believe in justice. I believe in the man.

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