Russian journalist accused of using foul language

In the trial of Russian journalist Alexander Lashmankin adjourned until 15:30. The journalist was charged with disorderly conduct.

According to human rights activists Orsha Basil Levchenkova, who managed to get on the trial, Russian journalist lawyer.

Policemen from Orsha transport police, who act as witnesses to show that the detention of the journalist was on-line information: Alexander Lashmankin allegedly transporting amphetamine. During his detention, state police, the journalist began swearing swear that was the reason for the trial.

Orsha Court Judge Ina Kochav adjourned until 15:30.

Local human rights activists believe that the real reason for the detention of Alexander Lashmankin lies in the fact that he adopted in Minsk on the eve of Freedom Day on March 25.

On the night of March 24, Orsha transport police shot Alexander Lashmankin the train Chelyabinsk-Brest.

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