Russian journalist Alexander Lashmankin sentenced to three days

Orsha Court Judge Ina Kochav found the journalist guilty on the testimony of the police officers who arrested him last night on the train Chelyabinsk-Brest. Alexander Lashmankin convicted in the court announced a hunger strike.

In the Court of the city of Orsha and Orsha district, a Russian journalist, editor of the Samara news agency "Freedom" Alexander Lashmankin hit after, as spent half the night at the station Orsha transport police. It was removed from the train when he was traveling to Minsk, says human rights activist Vasily Levchenko:

"He was riding on Freedom Day in Minsk. He has accreditation, and he went as a journalist — to illuminate Freedom Day. Somewhere near Orsha was approached by three police officers and stated that it should be removed from the train and conduct personal searches. And then these police officers testified that while he was being led from the train to the office, he shouted, swore — bullies, in a word. "

In the trial of human rights defender Alexander Lashmankin hit at once. First, the trial was not even a lawyer — duty counsel Dmitri Mironov there was a half hour after the start of the process.

Witnesses in court were only policemen, and they talked about details of the detention: that this was the signal for an anonymous phone call stating that a journalist and human rights activist from carrying Russian amphetamine. But Alexander Lashmankin found only public drugs — which in any pharmacy without a prescription.

Mr. Lashmankin demanded that the police began searching for the anonymous telephone detractors and attracted him to justice. And categorically denied the allegations in the profanity. At the end of the process, when the judge read out the decision Inna Kochav, he publicly declared a hunger strike, a human rights activist said Orsha Vasily Levchenko:

"He was warned about it, even when we were talking during the break. And then, when I finished the trial, announced in the courtroom: "I refuse food in protest against this judgment."

Talking on the phone, Alexander Lashmankin not allowed. Contact succeeded with his common-law wife Svetlana Chernova, who lives in Samara and also works with information and legal agency "Freedom." The detention of alleged drug trafficking she considers it absolutely absurd, and the punishment for disorderly conduct — unreasonable:

They say he is cursed? It is absolutely impossible!

"This is totally baseless. They say he is cursed? It is absolutely impossible! I do not notice him using foul language. "

Information about the three-day hunger strike to protest Svetlana Chernova perceived quite calmly:

"This is not the worst option! We have been through this. In his 10 days the maximum period of starvation. He was 15 days in jail, but was released after 10 days — was sent to the hospital. So for three days, he could easily hold out! I know it all already familiar. The main thing is that it does not "soldered" three or five years … "

Svetlana Chernova says Alexander Lashmankin well aware of the dangers of human rights and journalism in Russia, Belarus, and this is no different for the better. Therefore it is not surprising that instead of Freedom Day in Minsk, Orsha husband was in the detention center.


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