Russian journalist on trial in the court of Orsha

The detainee March 24 the Russian journalist, editor of the news agency "Freedom" (Samara) Alexander Lashmankin transport police officers were taken to the court of Orsha. According to preliminary information, the detainee is tried for hooliganism.

Connection with the detained journalists not: a judge's office Ina Kochav only brought Alexander Lashmankin the escort.

Human rights activist Victor Gurin awaiting the results of the court at a service police car, which was brought to the court reporter:

"For anyone Lashmankin not allowed, I also could not get into the office of a judge. I do not know the status of the detainee. Only thing that I was able to understand a couple of short sentences, we exchanged — that is what will be judged for alleged hooliganism."

Orsha transport police arrested Alexander Lashmankin about an hour the night. He was taken off the train Chelyabinsk-Brest.

The police officers declined to comment on the situation, according to human rights activists international human rights center. Alexander Lashmankin is officially accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus as a foreign journalist.

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