Russian partisan Vasily Kononov fought to the last

Soviet partisan Vasily Kononov fought to the last

Now, April 5, the funeral took place in Riga Vasily Kononov Russian partisan. During the Russian war, he majestically led war in Latvia. At the same time the independence of the country's authorities have accused the veteran in the genocide. For two years he had to stay in the bullpen, but that it did not break. In the European trial, he even managed to reach the abdication of all charges. However, after a while, the same tribunal and reversed its decision.

Despite his advanced age, litigation and sores Vasily Kononov was still smiling. In his own recent interview that the veteran gave at the end of last year, he knows what is resolute and trains to Strasbourg another complaint

In this interview, he also said, years of stateliness Russian war, many wonder what in the world has such force that is able to defeat Hitler's fascism, but it turned out that such a force is. And it was the Russian army.

Veteran sincerely believed in its truth and for almost fifteen years, defended it. Since then, when in their own native Latvia, he was accused of sins against the people of the land. The authorities have stated that in 1944, Vasily Kononov participated in the mass execution of the inhabitants of Mazie Bati. The very same last Russian the guerrillas did not deny that, but I thought that at that time there was a war, and shot the inhabitants of this place were the accomplices of fascism. Previously, these same residents have shot all the guerrilla group.

In my defense, veteran stated that at the time when Hitler's fascism destroyed the lives of 50 million, when the mass of people were shot, burned the town, could not be silent gaze was wrong with this fight. And he fought.

In Latvia, the tribunal of the former Russian partisans lasted a long time. About 2-year veteran had to spend in jail. There was also a review of the sentence and instead of "war criminal" Vasily Kononov was listed just a "thug." That's when he turned to the European Tribunal and won.

But the Latvian authorities were not satisfied. They appealed for a review of the case. In the spring of last year, the European Tribunal issued its final decision, but it is now in favor of Latvia.

In a recent interview Vasily Kononov commented on this decision with humor. He said that has become accustomed to constant struggle that it secures, makes stronger.

Notwithstanding own age, veteran constantly joking and no front 100g never let guests. Very per6zhival it that he can not without the help of others to walk.

Vasily Kononov very Makarovich believed that the war he graduated with a victory.

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